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Sep 10, 2006 11:23 PM

Bistro 45 ??? HELP

My Pasadena friend is drooling for a meal at Bistro 45. His B.D. is around the corner and I offered to take him for the celebration. Is it worth the effort? Something better??? - Prefer to stay in the area. And, I want to take advantage of the Pelligrino dining event.


KQ :)

Das Ubergeek and Dommy - I'm sure both of you would have an opinion??!! Anyone else??

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It's been about six months since I've been to Bistro 45. I work in the area so it's one of the usual business lunch places. (That's the reason why it's been a while. I tend to rotate places--Smitty's, Celestino's, Maison Akira, etc.) I've been there for dinner, too. I've never been disappointed. Their chocolate soup dessert is wonderful.

      Another good restaurant in the area is the Dining Room at the Ritz Huntington Hotel. Similar in quality and taste as Bistro 45 but a little different in style. Added plus of the beautiful hotel and grounds.

      1. Go have a good time, good food, and order what you feel you want to eat.
        Nothing scary here, and it is presented properly, and while not the cheapest meal in Pasadena, it is a decent value.
        Never been disappointed, yet never go with Spago expectations, so keep that in mind.

        1. Pastry chef trained at Cordon Bleu. So as for the desserts, fabulous.

          Then again, if there is no money limit, I'd recommend taking him to the aforementioned Ritz Carlton Huntington. AMAZING chef.

          1. The last couple times I visited, I was not impressed with the food quality and haven't been back since (this was at least a year+ ago). I used to really like it and thought it was such a gem. Seems the overall consensus is it's gone downhill over the last couple years. If the b'day boy is drooling over it, though, I say take your chances -- esp. if it's part of the dining event... at the worst you'll have an 'average' dinner. Please report back!

            What other Pasadena restaurants are participating in the dining event?

            If it were me, I'd head to Madelines (which is a couple blocks east of Bistro 45 on Green St). Haven't been there yet, but heard great things.

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              Other Pasadena restaurants: Madre's and Cafe Atlantic -Madre's doesn't interest me at all and we've been to Cafe Atlantic although it was with in the first week they opened. Firefly in S. Pas is also participating. :)KQ