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Sep 10, 2006 11:18 PM

La Shish in Detroit Area

I heard a rumor that one of my favorite stops in the Detroit area has closed...La Shish..Is it true...did all locations close?


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  1. if true too bad that was a good place.

    1. no, they are still open. i was at the west dearborn store a few weeks ago. i love their fatoosh with a mango smoothie for lunch.

      they have been in the news of late due to some legal and scandal issues. see the attached detroit news article from this past may.

      1. Some of the franchises are splitting off as a result of the aforementioned controversy. The Ann Arbor restaurant on Carpetner is one of them (new name is something like Charlie's La Shish), but owner claims the food will not change. Haven't been in lately, but it's still drawing good crowds (I drive by often).

        1. I was just in the Ann Arbor location last weekend. It was really awesome. I loved the hummous, the kibbe, and the tabbouleh. The baklavas were good too, my friend had that.

          1. If you want to try some other terrific middle eastern food, may I suggest Al Ameer on Warren in east Dearborn? It is the equivalent of middle eastern diner food, and terrific.

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              Yes indeed, Al Ameer. Or, there is also New Jasmine Bakery, also on Warren, which has counter service with all kinds of good food. Their flat breads are awesome. I think Jerusalem Garden on Fifth in Ann Arbor uses them. Actually, I haven't heard any buzz on the Board about them. Are they still open?

              1. re: Summerfield

                i think you mean new yasmin bakery. it is still open and it is very good. there are a lot of great places in this dearborn hood.

                1. re: xman887

                  Yes, they've expanded and they're really good. I recommend getting the "cheese pie" (I don't know what it is called in Arabic, but it is essentially a wood fired pizza with some kind of cheese on it. Sprinkle some thyme/sesame seed mixture and sumac on it. Also save room for some of the Mid East pastries.

                  1. re: xman887

                    Do you know their web address? I was told they mail out and have a website. I am having a hard time finding it. Can you help?

                    1. re: sassyfinn

                      It's spelled Yasmeen. Website is here--click through to online sales.


                      Happy eating.

                      1. re: Jim M

                        Also check out Shatila's bakery and for us east Siders there is now a Shatila's on Ryan & 14 mile, YUM!!!!!

                        1. re: Rich B

                          Rich B - Tell me more about this new Shatila at 14 mile and Ryan. When did it open? How big is it? I cant find anything about it on the web.

                  2. re: Summerfield

                    New Yasmeen is very much still open. Their lunches are good. More homestyle food. And their pita bread is sold everywhere.

                    Also actually the Super Greenland market has reorganized itself and now has a small bakery and hot food section (and juices) in the back. Nothing really fancy but not bad, especially if you need a snack while shopping!