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Sep 10, 2006 09:57 PM

best seafood market in NYC?

Where is the best place to buy FRESH seafood in Manhattan?
I am in Union Square area, and I've gone to Citarella on 6th Ave
and 9th, which is ok, but I'm looking for other options even
if they're not nearby. I actually used to go all the way up
to the Rosedale seafood market on 78th & Lex! but they closed.
They were excellent.
The fish at Whole Foods is NOT good. Would like to find a place
where any type of fish I select is just as fresh as any other... no guessing games, no tricks. THANKS, hounds.

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  1. Chinatown.

    Fresh, cheap, and lots of times live.

    Or as I told my Dad "The frisky ones go first. You're a fish in Chinatown you gotta play dead"

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    1. re: Heavy Ed

      A third for Chinatown.

      Only caveat is you need to know how to select fish and OP "Would like to find a place where any type of fish I select is just as fresh as any other . . ."

    2. There is a good fishmonger at the USq Farmers' Market, definitely on Saturdays but can't recall which others. Maybe Wednesday? Otherwise there is Wild Edibles & Gramercy Fish. I still haven't found a proper wholesaler.

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      1. re: dbird

        Can it be any more proper than this?

        It requires a trek out to the Outer Boroughs.

      2. Have a look here:
        I've always liked Jake's Fish Market on the UWS. Call before you go. (Pricey).
        <Added> Another poster has stated it has closed. ... : -(

        I also like: . Have fun searching.

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        1. re: Cheese Boy

          Jake's closed. A couple of years ago, I think.

          1. re: floretbroccoli

            I was worried about that. (Why I stated to call first). I guess the next best place for fish right now is The Lobster Place. Really, really, fresh fish there. (esp. towards the latter part of the week).

            1. re: Cheese Boy

              I'll try the Lobster Place, it's where the old Wild
              Edibles used to be on Bleecker. I have gone up to WE at Grand Central, but sometimes they won't cut a whole fish if
              you're only buying a small amount. Thanks, all...
              I will check out some of the other suggestions as well.

        2. I like lobster place

          1. Dorrian Mencir (Sp?? of last name..) was with Rosedale and has opened her own store on York Ave and 84th Street...Dorrian's Seafood.. A real blessing for our neighborhood!!!
            A bit of a trip for you.. but they do deliver. Seem to do a booming business. I'd call and ask if they deliver to your neighborhood....

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            1. re: Gelaine

              This is great to know, thanks. I am occasionally up
              in the East 80's, though not that far East, but I'd go if
              it's as good as Rosedale. Have you been?