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best seafood market in NYC?

Where is the best place to buy FRESH seafood in Manhattan?
I am in Union Square area, and I've gone to Citarella on 6th Ave
and 9th, which is ok, but I'm looking for other options even
if they're not nearby. I actually used to go all the way up
to the Rosedale seafood market on 78th & Lex! but they closed.
They were excellent.
The fish at Whole Foods is NOT good. Would like to find a place
where any type of fish I select is just as fresh as any other... no guessing games, no tricks. THANKS, hounds.

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  1. Chinatown.

    Fresh, cheap, and lots of times live.

    Or as I told my Dad "The frisky ones go first. You're a fish in Chinatown you gotta play dead"

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      A third for Chinatown.

      Only caveat is you need to know how to select fish and OP "Would like to find a place where any type of fish I select is just as fresh as any other . . ."

    2. There is a good fishmonger at the USq Farmers' Market, definitely on Saturdays but can't recall which others. Maybe Wednesday? Otherwise there is Wild Edibles & Gramercy Fish. I still haven't found a proper wholesaler.

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        Can it be any more proper than this? http://www.newfultonfishmarket.com/

        It requires a trek out to the Outer Boroughs.

      2. Have a look here: http://www.allny.com/seafood/nyseafoo...
        I've always liked Jake's Fish Market on the UWS. Call before you go. (Pricey).
        <Added> Another poster has stated it has closed. ... : -(

        I also like: http://www.lobsterplace.com/ . Have fun searching.

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          Jake's closed. A couple of years ago, I think.

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            I was worried about that. (Why I stated to call first). I guess the next best place for fish right now is The Lobster Place. Really, really, fresh fish there. (esp. towards the latter part of the week).

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              I'll try the Lobster Place, it's where the old Wild
              Edibles used to be on Bleecker. I have gone up to WE at Grand Central, but sometimes they won't cut a whole fish if
              you're only buying a small amount. Thanks, all...
              I will check out some of the other suggestions as well.

        2. I like lobster place

          1. Dorrian Mencir (Sp?? of last name..) was with Rosedale and has opened her own store on York Ave and 84th Street...Dorrian's Seafood.. A real blessing for our neighborhood!!!
            A bit of a trip for you.. but they do deliver. Seem to do a booming business. I'd call and ask if they deliver to your neighborhood....

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              This is great to know, thanks. I am occasionally up
              in the East 80's, though not that far East, but I'd go if
              it's as good as Rosedale. Have you been?

            2. The fish vendor at Union Square on Wednesdays is Blue Moon, and they're very good--of course, you're at the whim of what he catches and what's in season. There's another vendor on Saturdays, but I haven't tried them as Blue Moon is at the Tribeca market (my neighborhood) on Saturdays.

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                I've never tried Blue Moon, I did try the Saturday vendor
                a few times during the summer, but I couldn't get past the
                idea of the fish sitting in that hot sun. I know they
                bring it refrigerated, and put it on ice, etc. I would
                like a bigger selection, but I'll check out Blue Moon.

              2. You might try Pisacane on First and 52nd. They do a large wholesale business as well as retail. One of their accounts is Le Bernadin.

                1. I also like Lobster Place...very fresh and great variety

                  1. Central Fish Market on 39th and Ninth Avenue... There was a recent thread on this, July 2006... I hope this link works for you...


                    1. Whoops... look like I misspelled everything. Here's the web address:


                      (Husband won't eat fish but Dorian's now.)

                      1. Wild Edibles in the Grand Central Food Hall.

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                          I have gotten stuff from there (Grand Central and Murray Hill) and it's been fine. But I'd probably have to agree with you. I have gotten much better fish from Citarella and Lobster Place.

                        2. Chinatown is the secret but you have to investigate...southwest corner of grand street might be my choice...summertime is time to avoid going there because of lack of refrigeration..