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Sep 10, 2006 09:40 PM

Where war wonton (East Bay)?

I'm taking a friend out for lunch of her choice, but unfortunately her choice is war wonton (I find it uninspired, but perhaps I haven't had a well-executed version). Any good recommendations in Oakland-Berkeley or as far as Pacific Mall in Richmond? Perhaps a place with good XLB as well, to provide a little adventure for my friend's palate.

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  1. if a restaurant has XLB on the menu, i doubt you'll find war wonton on there also

    1. Try Legendary Palace in Oakland (7th/Franklin) -- they seem to have everything. She can indulge in the wonton soup while you do your xlb (and other dimsum) thing. Can't vouch for either since I haven't tried them...

      1. Hello, Yung Kee on Webster in Oak-chinatown had a decent version when we had it some time ago, probably dependable enough for that kind of dish; ingredients incl. pig stomach along with the more usual (squid, shrimp, cha siu, greens) It'll set you back for less than Legendary Palace, if that's a consideration. For xlb you'll need to go to other places nearby. salud

        1. Don't knock simple straight forward dishes like Wor Wonton. A good rendition is something beatiful to behold and satisfying. Having said that, it is difficult to find a good one. If you don't mind a picnic, Szechuan Restaurant (delivery only) is actually pretty darn good. No XLB, though. They do also have Japanese and sushi if you really want to try to expand your options.

          I generally don't go for places that combine genres like that, but I find Szechuan Restaurant (and Ichiban, the Japanese side) to good in spite of that.

          1. It sounds deceptively easy to make, yet wor wonton is hard to pull off.

            Perhaps it may seem easy to try to mask a substandard ingredient among so many. But each and every ingredient has to shine in order for the whole soup to pass muster.

            Really good, large wontons made fresh in the restaurant (at off-peak hours you can see the yellow-teed blue-aproned young ladies making them by hand). As you bite into one, you see fresh little shrimp tail vividly pink and intact. A bit of water chestnut crunch, very natural tasting. Add tender beef, char siu pork (looks sort of like wet juicy pastrami here), succulent chicken, squid, bok choy, mushrooms...

            Nothing muddy about this soup. A clean-tasting, satisfying broth. The best wor wonton ("War Won Ton", $5.50) I've had in recent memory, at Best Taste, downtown Oakland.