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Sep 10, 2006 09:00 PM


Has anyone been and can tell me what the food/drinks/atmosphere is like? Thinking of going there for my birthday in a month.

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  1. Atmosphere is excellent in terms of aesthetics.

    Food also very good. I was there with a group of ten people and their approach was interesting. Basically, the server came to the table and said that they were going to order everything for us, and bring out things one by one all night. They did have some concern for dietary restrictions (when told that there was a vegetarian at the table, they asked if that person ate fish; also, one of the dishes was a fried tofu number). Anyway, it was like going to Lee, but without seeing the menu (which I've heard has happened at Lee, BTW).

    Ultimately, I see the logic behind this approach, but I'd have appreciated being asked about it rather than being told that's what was happening. I suppose we could have objected without any problem, but it was kinda weird.

    Also, Kultura's self-proclaimed concept is that they present food from many cultures. I have to say that I expected a broader range of representation - our theme seemed to be primarily Asian with some French bistro/American in the mix - a lot of meat. In this case, a little more juxtaposed ecclecticism might have been in order, epecially since they were calling the menu shots!

    All told, my food rating for Kultura is 7.5/10. Drinks and wine list are good. This is a great place to go for a birthday or for anything involving a group of good friends.

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    1. Because we were in a group, and I never saw the menu (or the bill), I cannot really speak to the prices. Furthermore, I don't know if the portions they served us were the regular sizes... anyway, there's a menu w/ prices on their website ( My sense is that the prices lean toward high-end.

      1. You can be sure to spend probably $60 for say 5 to 6 plates for food.

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          how many hungry people would 5-6 plates of food serve?

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            I'd say if they're really hungary then 1 person should budget at least 5 dishes for themselves. But it really also depends on which dishes you order.

            The pork is very filling, as is the jamacian chicken. My favourite dishes are the lobster ravioli, the samosas, the shrimp and the chicken schnitzel...but all are very good. The fish and chips are also quite nice and filling. To eat all that myself would mean that I'd be rolling myself out of there. I typically have my favourites and maybe the glass noodles to share with a friend and I'm full. So 5 to 6 dishes for 2 people would be fine, or 1 very hungry and big eater.

        2. Thanks for the responses! Doesn't seem unreasonably priced.. not looking for the BF to spend a fortune on my birthday (he hated Lobby and Ultra the last two years ;)

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          1. re: NovoCuisine

            I do think that you'll really enjoy it and would love to hear how you enjoyed it.

          2. Joanne Kates has a write up on Kultura in the Globe today. She takes a swing at the self important servers but is generally positive about the food. She says the space is gorgeous but does label it as a bit of a hangout for "those who want to be seen" which automatically puts it a little lower on my list.

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            1. re: Aardvark

              On my visit (pre-Kates) I found the servers extremely knowledgeable (a rarity in Toronto). I choose knowledgeable (even if self-important) as a great improvement on ignorant (far more common alas)!
              And the food was excellent - as was the wine. Best opening in 2006 IMO.