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Sep 10, 2006 08:48 PM

Beard Papas - Open Inside the Marukai Gardena Store

Perhaps someone has already posted on apologies.

We were at the Marukai Gardena Store yesterday (1740 West Artesia Blvd.), and in the food court area, where a drink place used to be, Beard Papas is now occupying that space. We walked on by -- trying to look the other way! -- so I did not notice what flavors and specialties they were featuring. However, they appeared busy when I peaked a glance.

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  1. They opened that location Thanksgiving weekend last year. Don't get the coffee flavored ones...kind of bleh!!!

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    1. re: monku

      Monku -- Has it really been there that long? I don't remember seeing it on our last visit to Marukai Market which was perhaps only a few months ago??? And that is something that I would have noticed!!!

      Coffee-flavored ones would probably not be my first choice, but thanks for this warning. What else do they have?

    2. I remember this posting on Chowhound announcing the anticipated opening last year (see date of post-matter of fact poster "K" was me!!)

      YUP...Remembered I was out of town Thanksgiving weekend when they opened and went the following weekend. They were giving out these great looking stainless steel Beard Pappa thermos' with each half dozen order and they ran out when I got there the following week.

      No need to be shy about looking or talking to the people there...they're very friendly and informative. I imagine the green tea flavor is also kind of bleh!!! Stick with the vanilla custard...even the chocolate filling is kind of weak.

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      1. re: monku could I miss them? I knew they were coming, and I kept giving a look in that direction, but I don't remember seeing them. It's just as well for my waistline, I'm certain!

        I have tried the green tea and the chocolate; actually, the one on Sawtelle willingly gave me a swirled filling of a couple of flavors. I do agree with you that the vanilla is the best!

        I am waiting for some of them to offer just the custard in a small plastic cup as they do in Hollywood (original LA branch). I haven't seen this available at any other of their stores.

        1. re: liu

          The one on Redondo Beach Blvd in Marukai Pacific Market is the one that opened last Thanksgiving. The one on Artesia in Marukai Market opened recently just as you have stated.

          1. re: Dlish

            WHEW! I knew something wasn't right, because I have really been vigilant; I knew they were going into a space in this market, but I never saw them there before yesterday. I also have been to the one on Redondo Beach Blvd. Thanks, Dlish, for letting me know that age hasn't YET "gotten the best of me!"

            1. re: liu

              Sorry Liu....too many Maruikai's to keep track of.

              1. re: liu

                No problem, monku. I am totally geographically challenged, and I don't much care which Marukai I am in, now that they BOTH have BP cream puffs!

        2. The Beard Papa in Marukai Pacific sells the custard in the plastic cup as well as eclairs.

          The Beard Papa on Sawtelle sells chocolate fondant cake but they haven't debuted the eclairs yet.

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          1. re: kawaiikitty49

            The one on Sawtelle, I believe, is sort of a franchise within a pastry store that was already there. Hence the other items.