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Sep 10, 2006 08:45 PM

Truffle Oil

I rec'd a gift basket nearly six months ago and I'm still unsure how to use the truffle oil...any suggestions?

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  1. I like it tossed with butter beans, topped with a little 'caviar' (the cheap stuff).

    1. Nice addition to mushroom pizza, pasta with mushroom sauce, or just about anything else with mushrooms.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Agree. Grilled thin crust pizza with melted fontina, diced (already grilled) cremini mushrooms, a drizzle of white truffle oil, and a chiffonade of basil or flat leaf parsley. (Notice, the ubiquitous red sauce is absent - hooray). The truffle oil packs some really
        great flavor here and it also keeps the top of the pizza crust moist. No need for sauce at all.

      2. I drizzled some white truffle oil on my pizza Margherita just before serving. Very tasty.

        1. other classic ways, are with eggs, potatoes,and risotto, fyi once you opne bottle, it loses potency quickly

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          1. re: intrepid

            Intrepid you bring up my second question..age...if I refrig the oil will it it ok to chill this oil?

          2. I love a drizzle on top of summer corn soup, or any fresh veggie summer soup for that matter. Also nice in crab or shrimp salad, but a little goes a long way. I think it lasts a long time, but does lose some flavor after a while.