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Truffle Oil

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I rec'd a gift basket nearly six months ago and I'm still unsure how to use the truffle oil...any suggestions?

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  1. I like it tossed with butter beans, topped with a little 'caviar' (the cheap stuff).

    1. Nice addition to mushroom pizza, pasta with mushroom sauce, or just about anything else with mushrooms.

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        Agree. Grilled thin crust pizza with melted fontina, diced (already grilled) cremini mushrooms, a drizzle of white truffle oil, and a chiffonade of basil or flat leaf parsley. (Notice, the ubiquitous red sauce is absent - hooray). The truffle oil packs some really
        great flavor here and it also keeps the top of the pizza crust moist. No need for sauce at all.

      2. I drizzled some white truffle oil on my pizza Margherita just before serving. Very tasty.

        1. other classic ways, are with eggs, potatoes,and risotto, fyi once you opne bottle, it loses potency quickly

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            Intrepid you bring up my second question..age...if I refrig the oil will it last...is it ok to chill this oil?

          2. I love a drizzle on top of summer corn soup, or any fresh veggie summer soup for that matter. Also nice in crab or shrimp salad, but a little goes a long way. I think it lasts a long time, but does lose some flavor after a while.

            1. I love it as simply as possible. Just drizzled on pasta... incredible. As far as refrigerating it, that's always best for oils, otherwise they're more likely to go rancid. Olive oil, the typical base for truffle oil, lasts well, but since you're more likely to hold on to it longer than most bottles of olive oil I'd refrigerate. I keep almost any oil other than plain olive in the refrigerator if I think it'll be around for more than a few months.

              1. Add to mashed potatoes, drizzle some over a steak or roast just before serving, or a stir fry, add a little to homeade vinagrette.

                1. Well is it truffel oil or (more likely) "truffle flavored olive oil"? Think of it in terms of the former being the pure parfum, while the latter would be an eau de cologne.


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                    All truffle oil is olive oil infused with truffle. There's no pure essence of truffle on the market.

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                      Yes, but some have more truffle than others, and it's the stronger ones that I call Truffle oil.


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                        Since I have never seen a Truffle Oil with the percent of Truffles indicated...perhaps you could tell us which do, and if you have found a favorite, which it is...please don't hold back??!!!

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                          I like the instensely-flavored Urbani oil from Italy. I believe it is widely available in the U.S.

                  2. Lots of good ideas! A couple more I've done - drizzled over white bean puree for crostini, and a little tossed with grated parmesan, butter, and popcorn. I have Urbani white truffle oil and, like amkirkland, store it in the refrigerator.

                    1. Drizzle cauliflower w/ a little olive oil and roast at high heat (400) for about 45 minutes, turn every 15 minutes. Drizzle w/ the truffle oil. Swoon.

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                        I turned a friend who is pure meat and potatoes into a cauliflower lover with a recipe like that. Since my friends aren't chowhounds, it's my secret ingredient. I guess its time to move on to anchovies now.

                      2. I've been putting it on top of tomato and mozz salad, adds a spicy taste.

                        1. Simply dress any kind of green salad with truffle oil and some coarse sea salt. Very easy, yet elegant.

                          1. I also like to rub some truffle oil on steaks before I broil them.


                            1. You can refrigerate to keep. It will solidify probably, but comes back at room temp. Otherwise, yes to mashed potatoes (black or white), white pizza (preferably white), eggs (black), fresh goat cheese, and sun dried tomato crostini (white)..now I'm drooling, not very elegant..So as soon as you discover all the ways to use it and there are many, let us know..

                              1. With much inspiration (thank you) I used the truffle oil on salad last night-delicious and intend to try the interesting suggestion for cauliflower. Now I know how to use it, store it and experiment. Thanks CHows!

                                1. Makes KILLER mashed potatoes!

                                  1. White truffle oil dressing is great on a salad of shaved fennel and shaved Reggiano.

                                    I like to use first-rate cider vinegar such as:


                                    1. Popcorn ! I'm so addicted.

                                      Also in mushroom risotto this weekend, sublime.

                                      1. I finish off a risotto with a drizzle of that stuff. yummy

                                        1. Drizzle on a simple pureed soup - cauliflower (with a chicken stock base, a little white pepper, touch of thyme), or vichyssoise. I like to pair it with a drizzle of chive oil for complementary contrast of colors and flavors.

                                          1. During the summer time it is fantastic on a simple heirloom tomato salad. just big chunky cuts of tomatoes, a bit of salt, some thinly sliced basil and the oil. yum!

                                            1. Drizzle on homemade french fries and then sprinkle with parsemsean cheese.

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                                                I actually have put it on car bumpers and old, worn-out flip flops and it makes them taste great.

                                                Seriously, try the popcorn and the french fries -- add some crisped julienned wild mushrooms and parmesan Regiano on top . . .


                                                1. I have a bottle of grape seed oil infused with truffle...(bought it in SWFrance and it has been sitting in my refrigerator...) Any ideas on what to do with it, other than the above suggestions?