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Sep 10, 2006 08:28 PM

Atlanta Chowhound Dining Club ?

I see in messages that there are some members that get together for dinner, but is there something organized or just impromptu ? My wife and I dine alone most times because our friends like Macaroni Grill and PF Chang's. It would be nice for example to have Dim Sum with more than 2 people at a table. China Delight has at times been as good as Dim Sum in Vancouver BC I've had. (I used to be able to drive there ...sniff). I looked at but it is $75 to join and I like Buford Hwy options in addition to high-end intown locales AIWF frequents.

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  1. Hi,

    Since you have not gotten any repiles on CH yet:

    I don't know of anything formal that exists, but you should take a look at the "Atlanta Cuisine" website for their local gatherings, or post there to start your own. You may find some kindred spirits. There is often a lot of "hey, I was there at the same time" kind of posting and folks are generally pretty open and friendly.

    I bet you could easily arrange a dim sum outing.

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    1. As Liz suggested, register over at AtlantaCuisine. From there, you can send a Personal Message. Pls PM me.

      I warn you, however, you'll be nesting with a bunch of ex-NewYorkAWHS grin.

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      1. re: Steve Drucker

        Always amenable for dim sum, and assorted BuHi expeditions. PM me at AC.

        1. re: pastramiking

          ok, I'm in over at AC. and ex_NYers rule and are good entertainment.