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Sep 10, 2006 07:24 PM

Is it possible to find great Indian food in Bergen County area?

I haven't found a really great Indian place in the Bergen County area, and I'm wondering where does a hound go when you are craving really great Indian food in this area???

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  1. Great question...I can suggest that you never EVER go to SWAD in Bergenfield. The worst Indian food I've ever had (seriously, I didn't know it could be so bad).
    For ok, though not Islin, NJ great, there's an Indian restaurant in Edgewater almost directly across the street from Whole Foods. Probably the best I've had, though certainly not the best.

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      Yowza- what did you get at Swad? I went once for the buffet and once for takeout and found it pretty much par for the course- nothing great, but nothing horrible either (the pickles, made in-house, served with the buffet were pretty damn tasty, fwiw). Actually, my experience was that it was a step up from the old Maharani Express, and A Taste of India (in Teaneck) but again that's not saying much. Still- I'd be hesitant to recommend the place, especially for those not in town to begin with. We really are Indian deprived in this area.

      The place in Edgewater is called Kinara, and it's really good though a pain to get to.

      1. re: TongoRad

        At Swad, we had a dosa, lamb vindaloo and some fried puff thing, and a fish dish I can't remember. The onions in the dosa had gone bitter (knife not sharp enough?) the puff was wierd, fish really fishy, and the condiments really off.
        In addition, our waiter wouldn't leave us alone...i think he wanted to go out drinking with us later and he seemed REALLY lonely, but it was kinda wierd.

        I think they were bought out by a Teaneck restaurant...if so, i might try it again.

      2. re: sixelagogo

        Thanks for your comment. I never step in to this place why? Unfortunately I was in their kitchen with a friend, What I have seen is the owner itself was smoking and drinking while he is preparing for some take out also some one told me that this owner name Santhosh collect all bad vegitables and spices from his store called Tri-Star (very next to this palce) and uses for his daily cooking. He claimes he has 10 years of experiance.... BS. He was washing dishes for KFC and got fired after a while.I wish some one will take this guys to the court.soon

        1. re: sagil

          I knew it!! that place is SOOOOOO BAD!!!!...I felt terrible because i took a friend there for her first time eating indian food...i had to keep telling her that "it's not usually like this..."...over and over!!

          Speaking of Bergenfield Indian, there's another Indian grocery store with a small restaurant behind the fitness gym about 2 blocks south of says "homestyle indian" though NO ONE is ever in there...i'd like to try it but I fear a bad bowel reaction...have you tried it??

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