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Is it possible to find great Indian food in Bergen County area?

I haven't found a really great Indian place in the Bergen County area, and I'm wondering where does a hound go when you are craving really great Indian food in this area???

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  1. Great question...I can suggest that you never EVER go to SWAD in Bergenfield. The worst Indian food I've ever had (seriously, I didn't know it could be so bad).
    For ok, though not Islin, NJ great, there's an Indian restaurant in Edgewater almost directly across the street from Whole Foods. Probably the best I've had, though certainly not the best.

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      Yowza- what did you get at Swad? I went once for the buffet and once for takeout and found it pretty much par for the course- nothing great, but nothing horrible either (the pickles, made in-house, served with the buffet were pretty damn tasty, fwiw). Actually, my experience was that it was a step up from the old Maharani Express, and A Taste of India (in Teaneck) but again that's not saying much. Still- I'd be hesitant to recommend the place, especially for those not in town to begin with. We really are Indian deprived in this area.

      The place in Edgewater is called Kinara, and it's really good though a pain to get to.

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        At Swad, we had a dosa, lamb vindaloo and some fried puff thing, and a fish dish I can't remember. The onions in the dosa had gone bitter (knife not sharp enough?) the puff was wierd, fish really fishy, and the condiments really off.
        In addition, our waiter wouldn't leave us alone...i think he wanted to go out drinking with us later and he seemed REALLY lonely, but it was kinda wierd.

        I think they were bought out by a Teaneck restaurant...if so, i might try it again.

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        Thanks for your comment. I never step in to this place why? Unfortunately I was in their kitchen with a friend, What I have seen is the owner itself was smoking and drinking while he is preparing for some take out also some one told me that this owner name Santhosh collect all bad vegitables and spices from his store called Tri-Star (very next to this palce) and uses for his daily cooking. He claimes he has 10 years of experiance.... BS. He was washing dishes for KFC and got fired after a while.I wish some one will take this guys to the court.soon

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          I knew it!! that place is SOOOOOO BAD!!!!...I felt terrible because i took a friend there for her first time eating indian food...i had to keep telling her that "it's not usually like this..."...over and over again...man!!

          Speaking of Bergenfield Indian, there's another Indian grocery store with a small restaurant behind the fitness gym about 2 blocks south of SWAD...it says "homestyle indian" though NO ONE is ever in there...i'd like to try it but I fear a bad bowel reaction...have you tried it??

      3. One word: Bhoj. They're in a mini strip mall on Market Street in Elmwood Park. Great food with a decent amount of spice, good prices, very nice people. Their buffet on the weekend is very good.

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          I'm gonna have to disagree with you...I've been there twice in the last year. The first time was ok enough for us to give it a go again. The second time -this august-we were sooo dissapointed by everything we had...nothing was up to par, everything was greasy beyond comprehsion, and we'll never head out that way again.
          The only BC indian restaurant I can kinda recommend is one I can't remember the name to in Edgewater, almost across the street from Whole Foods on river road..It was very decent, decent being the operative word...

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            They were very good a few years ago. The owner then went 'home' and the new owner was pretty good. But since early 2007, the chefs have changed again...and the food is not as good. Good prices, very, very friendly service.

          2. My husband (who is from calcutta) and I like to go to a restaurant in Jersey City on Grove St. across from city hall called Shadman Indian-Pakistani Cuisine. When you go in, you order from a wide array of food they have prepared, almost like cafeteria style, to eat in or take out. Their chicken kabobs are good, as well as the chickpeas, the mixed vegetables, the chicken curry, and peas with potatoes. The rotis are always prepared fresh to order so you have to wait several minutes. Their okra is too tomatoey for my taste, but they have a wide variety of items to choose from so give it a try. Let us know how you liked it.

            1. Oh.. I forgot to tell you in my post, If you want to drive to Edison, Oak Tree Rd has a fabulous resturant called Moghul. We went for their sunday lunch buffet and it was fantastic.They had a chaat bar and pani pouri. They featured a fantastic area for fruits, and even had several Indian -Chinese dishes. The Hakka noodles from that were excellent. They had a wide variety of meats and vegetables to choose from as well. I don't know if you want to drive out that far but that is the only restaurant that I have encountered whose food isn't overly greasified.

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                the chaat bar sounds AWESOME....i'm totally hooked on chowpatty, thus everytime i head that way from Bergen county, I'm apt to go there...In an effort to try something new, however, moguls' sunday buffet sounds fantastic...

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                  Can you tell us the cost for the buffet? Thanks

                2. I know it sounds crazy but the National Wholesale Liquidators on rt. 17 in Lodi. Seriously, upstairs they have a weird international discount food store and tucked away in the corner is Indian take out. They prepare about 6 dishes that are kept hot and ready to go or you can get made to order. They even have a tandoor oven.

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                    althought don't know about the other eats in the Wholesale spot, I had a dosa there and was super impressed with its quality...

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                      TOTALLY agree! It's called Indian Chef, and it's in the food warehouse--you can drive around to the entrance on that end of the complex. Great food, immaculate, and kids (little and big ones) can watch the skewers and naan as they are cooking in the tandoor. Great place to stop in for lunch or dinner.
                      The family also owns a restaurant in the area, but I'm afraid I don't know the name of it.

                    2. taj palace on cedar lane in teaneck...it's down the hill from all the stores, not too far above holy name hospital - closer to the teaneck road end of cedar lane...it's on the south side of the street; a little storefront restaurant. i think it's REALLY good, and so does my friend, who has been to quite a few indian restaurants; indian food is her favorite.

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                      1. re: center

                        When I went to taj palace, about 6 months ago, I was really dissapointed with its mediocre fare...nothing was great, or even good; just adequate if you needed an indian fix (as we're all apt to have at times). There's an Indian rest. in Ridgewood I have not tried, but am curious about..another spot that i have not been too yet is Mantra rest. on rt. 17 in paramus...I pass it by often and see flames inside (what's going on in there, i don't know, but it sounds like a real visual, and perhaps palatable, treat

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                          there are 2 indian restaurants in ridgewood -- both mediocre. I forget the names but the one on ridgewood ave is the better of the 2 and ownership is nice ( the other is a thai/indian restaurant around the corner with 2 separate menus- havent been there in years as can be surly ). Mantra on rte 4west (old namaskar site) was a big step up in all aspects- decor, price , food quality -- recc the chaat tableside- everything solid although desserts can be skipped.Only there once since it opened but will return soon

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                            thanks for the report on Mantra...I'll be checking it out soon (esp. since you said they have tableside chaat...yippeee skippeee on that one!!)

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                              only caveat on the chaat-- we like the food spicy but more or less asked for it "medium"--it was very spicy-- drank a gallon of water but worth it . Of note menu says chat for 4 people (10 bucks) but we asked and got an order for 2 (5 bucks) that was perfect. also bread basket (7 bucks) and chicken tikki masala (of course) are excellent. I dont think the masala was on the menu but they were happy to prepare it at the expected price (17$ - like the other chicken dishes i think). Eggplant dish -14$ (?baigon) was ok but would order something different next time

                      2. Try the new Mantra Restaurant in Paramus. It opened in May of 2007 and is great.

                        1. There's a new place in Elmwood Park that opened last week (Oct 2007), right on Rt 46 West, just before Pizzatown. It's called Talk of the Town, and we stopped by Sunday. The buffet was really good, with good flavors, a lamb entre, and soup plus rice pudding. They have an intro special $6.99 weekday buffet, and $8.99 weekend buffet. The owner said she worked hard to open the place, and wants to have the best restaurant with good customer relationship. She'll talk to you, for your good or bad comments. Very friendly, seems very clean, and plenty of good tasting food. Unusual for many of the local India food buffets. PS-they have a small bar, for what it's worth.

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                            I saw the review of this place in The Record on Friday Nov 30 and had dinner there a couple of weeks ago. Put Talk of the town in google and a link to the article will come up. The owner who was featured in the article was there and is extremely nice, warm and welcoming. The prices are reasonable and I thought the food was very good. We're actually going again tomorrow night with friends.

                            I also enjoyed Mantra on rt 4 in Paramus very much. not your typical Indian food, but that's ok. I would definitely recommend Mantra.

                            I do have to say, please don't go to Taj Palace on Cedar Lane in Teaneck. It should be condemned by the health dept. Friends of mine said they saw disgusting things and I saw things with my own eyes that suffice it to say I will never ever go back. and I also agree about SWAD in Bergenfield - don't go.

                            1. re: HDS

                              Thanks for the review of Talk of the Town...can't wait to try it and hope it saves me a hike to iselin

                          2. We just ate some delicious indian food from the recommended Indian Chef in Int'l Food Warehouse Lodi NJ. Flavors were authentic and the lamb esp. was really good. (vindaloo). 16 oz. container of lamb 8.95 or chicken 6.95 (masala)

                            Definitely going to keep this place on our take out rotation!

                            Kailash in Ridgewood is pretty good as well. nice lunch specials.

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                              The owners of the Indian Chef also own two restaurants in Hackensack on Main Street: Tandoori Chef and Veggie Express. They are both very good. The Veggie Express serves what I believe is very authentic, vegetarian Indian cuisine. Its served cafeteria style, the portions are huge and its amazingly reasonable. Both are BYOB.

                              1. re: lisaud

                                Excellent! I am going to check this out. I think Indian Chef is really good. Thanks for the post!

                                1. re: kimie

                                  Please post how your experience was! Although I have dined in both of those restaurants numerous times, for some reason I haven't eaten in either for a few months.I really hope they're still good.
                                  One word of caution, the kitchen is on the slow side so don't go there if you're in a hurry to get somewhere else. I think everything is cooked to order and I always found it worth the wait.

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                                    Late last week I went to Tandoori Chef and I thought it was really great. We ordered the keema samosa, bhindi masala, chicken tikka masala, and the bread basket (mix of nans, kulcha, and paratha). Everything was cooked perfectly, seasoned perfectly, and the service was great. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who has been travelling into the city or down to Edison for good Indian food. Matter of fact, I did recommend this to a friend who travels into the city at least once a week for Indian cuisine, and she was thrilled! She called me as soon as she left the restaurant to tell me that this will save her the trip to the city for great Indian food.

                                    I didn't check out Veggie Express yet--but I'm very excited about that, since I love Indian vegetarian dishes. Thank you very, very much for this suggestion!

                                    1. re: kimie

                                      Great! Its weird that the place (and the vegetarian one) never seems to be that busy at dinner time and I've been there on week nights and weekends. I keep thinking that they must do a huge lunch business.
                                      The guy who owns it (or maybe just manages - I'm not sure) is such a nice guy too. As I said, I haven't been in there in a few months and a couple of weeks ago they were doing a special Indian lunch at Hackensack Med Ctr (I work for the hospital). I walked up to the grill where they were serving to check it out and this guy looks at me and says "Hi, how are you? I haven't seen you in a while." Now, its not like I went there THAT often in the past. Nor am I unforgettable looking (in a positive OR negative way). He's just a good business person who remembers his customers even completely out of context.
                                      Anyway, I'm glad you had a good experience and keep passing the word! I want them to stay in business.

                                      1. re: lisaud

                                        Interesting. I went with my wife and 2 older kids when it first opened. We actually went expecting it to be the previous restaurant but it had just changed that week. The chinese place was still next door, it hadn't been converted to the veggie place yet. So this must be about 2 years ago. The food was just OK at that time but there was one dish that was absolutely terrible. Beef that they over marinaded in yogurt so it was mushy and tasted prechewed. Disgusting. We each had 1 bite and left the rest. The owner came over and asked us about it so we told him. He explain that they were still testing recipes since they had just opened and he appreciated the feedback. But he still charged us for the dish. Not cool. And he didn't accept the Bergen Record discount card for 20% off that the previous restaurant, also his place, did accept the prior week. Again, not cool. And when they finally opened officially, about 2 weeks later, they advertised that they did accept the discount card. Not good business and of course we haven't been back. We now go to Bhoj often and we love it.

                                        1. re: dock

                                          Can't blame you for not going back with that experience. Actually, now that I think about it, I can think of a couple of areas where the owner's business acumen was/is lacking - - as I said in my first post, I haven't had great service there - - but the food more than makes up for it. Where is Bhoj?

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                                            Saddle River. 5 minutes past the bergen tolls on GSP. Many post on this board. Highly recommended. Try the butter chicken.

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                                              Dock, I think you're getting Saddle River and Saddle Brook (two very different towns) mixed up. Bhoj is actually in Elmwood Park on Market Street, but near the Saddle Brook border. If they were in Saddle River they'd have to charge four times the price to pay the rent!

                            2. Hope my reply is not too late. In fact I went to Bhoj (a good trek for me) after reading the favorable reviews on this board. Well, a bit of a disappointment. Having spent a good part of my childhood eating and growing up on this cuisine, I am always on the lookout for a good Indian place among others (not from India or nearby BTW). The food is ok at best. I know some people have suggested Kinara in Edgewater in the BC area, and I would agree that Kinara is a step (or two) above Bhoj (which is not saying much really). Also, I would NOT suggest the Indian restaurant in Ft. Lee (don't quite remember the name but it's in a strip mall across from an Exxon (?) near the GWB. I suppose while I'm at it (my first posting in any type of blog), I would NOT suggest the Twin(s) (?) in Orangeburgh (not sure about the exact location).

                              In the final analysis, it is hard to find good Indian much like we can in the city. Used to live there and had a couple of favorites in the low 30's/high 20's on Lex that I used to frequent (not Curry in a Hurry BTW). Hoboken has a couple (sorry - again forget the names - I usually went to these places late with some Indian colleagues). Given the many disappointments with Indian, I much prefer the Halal carts on the streets for a fix (great one on bet 6th bet 49th & 50th I believe).

                              Hope this helps. I am on my way to post a comment on a Vietnamese shop that was recommended on this board that I went to tonight (again, after much hype to all the foodie friends including a good half hour drive) that I am still (re)tasting (unfortunately) as I write this and was terribly disappointed (much more than Bhoj).

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                                Nice first post, aridar. Welcome to the boards.

                                The place in Fort Lee is called Maharani. I lived in Englewood from '96 to '00 and used to go there a bunch. It may indeed be horrible now, I don't know, but like all of my experiences with Indian restaurants in BC knowing what to order is usually the difference between success and failure on any given night. To tell the truth, at this point in time I generally skip anything but the vegetarian options whether at a buffet or ordering off the the menu; the chicken is always flavorless, the lamb is never cooked long enough... you know the drill. But back then the Chicken Malai kebabs were always a reliable option- that's a long time ago, though. Probably the best thing I ever had at a BC Indian restaurant was the sarson ka saag at Kinara; I'm not sure it is worth trekking all over the place to get, though, but it rocked. A lot of these places are good to know if you happen to be in the area and have an itch, and get the right thing- otherwise, well... wait until you're in Iselin, or Hicksville, or Curry Hill, or Flushing, etc. (That's just my take, but then again I happen to have the luxury of knowing I'll be hitting all of those spots on a semi-regular basis.)

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                                  Have you tried Tandoori Chef in Hackensack?

                                2. I checked out Talk of the Town in Elmwood park over this weekend...unfortunately, it was mother's day and they had an "all you can eat" for 24.95 ...eek...we just wanted to try out a couple of things and throught about leaving, but we were also excessively hungry, so we stayed...We were the only people dining there for about an hour, as many families walked in and out after seeing that they only were offereing the Mothers day AYCE menu...In hindsight, i might have done the same, though i really wanted to check the place out...$53 for 2 people for mediocre indian is really steep.

                                  For the most part, the dishes offered were really really rich, as it seemed like everything had cream in it...

                                  to start: tomato soup was good, but served with lame crutons...We sampled all the appetizers and though I can't remember the name, I can describe them:

                                  Cottage cheese patties in curry...good sauce, but very rich
                                  Potato patties with chickpea...chickpeas very good (chennai style?)
                                  Tandori chicken: good flavor, but i'm not a big tandoori chix fan
                                  Samosa with same chickpeas above: Very re-heated

                                  Panneer masala: boring sauce,...actually needed sauce
                                  Mix vegetable masala: boyfriend liked it but it was too frozenveggies-oiut of the bag for me
                                  chicken tikka: good
                                  Lamb: very tough, but good sauce, rich again

                                  rice pudding: nice flavor, but severely undercooked rice and toppped with overburnt almonds

                                  Stars: 1 3/4...Would i travel 25 minutes like i did to get there again? nowould i go back if i lived in the neighborhood and needed an indian fix? maybe.

                                  like tongorad said, bite the bullet and get thee to iselin

                                  1. Since Namaskaar opened in Englewood, NJ I and my husband always take a bottle of great wine and go there. The food is very good and unexpensive.

                                    1. Since Namaskaar opened in Englewood, NJ my husband and I always take bottle of great wine and go there. The food is very good and unexpensive.

                                      1. It wouldn't hurt to consider Taal on Rt 59 in Spring Valley, NY. The food is spectacular.

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                                        1. Just tried Tandoori Chef in Hackensack. Food was delicious. In particular the lamb vindaloo. Clean and warm atmosphere. although service was a little slow, the food made up for it. samosas were great esp. the veggie one-great spices. looking fwd to checking out their daily $10 lunch buffet. www.tandoorchef-nj.com BYOB
                                          (also tried Talk of the Town a few mths ago and we were not impressed)

                                          1. I do not think you can find Indian food in Bergen County that is as good as what you can find in Iselin. That said, we have been very happy with Mela on Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood for years. They serve well prepared traditional Indian food. We tried Mantra on Route 4 in Paramus, I think, for their buffet lunch and were very disappointed, It was expensive for lunch and the food was nothing special. However, we have never tried it for dinner.

                                            1. Because of positive posts here, my husband & I went to Namaskaar for dinner last nite. Big mistake! The vegetable samosas looked like they came out of a box in the frozen food section--all breading and quite hard. Really bad. My chicken tikka wasn't hot and when I asked for it to be heated, it came back hard as a rock. Plus, did I mention we were the only people in the place on a Saturday night at 9:00? I don't think they will be around much longer, which won't be much of a loss.

                                              1. I read in the record about a new Kosher place in Teaneck "Shalom Bombay"...ok, great...there's so many vegetarians in India and such and abundance of vegetarian treats, shouldn't even be a problem...but wait, instead of forgoing meat, they're forgoing Dairy (The IT food of India) ...WTF? Non-dairy sourcream for the raita, olive oil for ghee, and tofu for paneer....get in yer car, and head to iselin, it's the only option.

                                                1. Try Gateway to India on Queen Anne Road in Teaneck. They have excellent Birianis and Chicken Tikka Massala + a great and inexpensive buffet. National wholesale Liquidators has wonderful take out.

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                                                  1. re: lv4samson

                                                    don't think i ever heard of this place-i read a couple its yelp reviews and it seems the place is a hit..i'll have to check it out. Thanksfor the headsup

                                                    1. re: sixelagogo

                                                      Fwiw, I've read that although Intl Liquidators has closed, the restaurant is still open; it's around the side of the building, in the former Intl Food Warehouse.

                                                      1. re: Curlz

                                                        Priya in Suffern right over the border is, imo, really, really good. We've never eaten there. Only take-out. So not sure if that's a good indicator but it's very fresh and delicious. Also there's a place in Morristown we use to love (no, it's not Bergen county) but I can't remember the name of it.

                                                    2. re: lv4samson

                                                      The food at Gateway to India in Teaneck is amazingly delicious which is lucky for them because the service, while, pleasant, is very inept - to the point of being comical. But who goes out for Indian food for the "dining" experience. Still, I wish they understood, without being reminded three or four times, that bottles of wine need to be opened and glasses are usually required to consume it. Don't let that stop you. The food is great! Spread the word too because it doesn't seem that busy and I'm guessing they aren't doing any effective advertising.

                                                        1. re: sixelagogo

                                                          I don't think its been around much more than a year - - if that long. It really is really really good. Try the Goan vegetable stew. Omygod...

                                                          1. re: lisaud

                                                            was going to try gateway on sunday but felt nervous because all the reviews on this site and egullet, yelp, yahoo, etc were almost identical. i understand business is difficult but i can't respect an establishment flooding the boards with sham reviews by friends and relatives. i hope that some of the reviews are for real, and it sounds like yours is lisaud, so i will try it soon. we went to bohj instead and it was very good as usual.

                                                            1. re: dock

                                                              I know it is not Bergen County...just a little north...but the best Indian is at Karavalli in Nanuet. If you like the buffet at Bhoj you will love the buffet at Karavalli. I have also ordered a la carte and find the food and service to be outstanding.


                                                              416 Nanuet Mall S
                                                              Nanuet, NY 10954-2710
                                                              (845) 215-9794

                                                    3. I've been to and eaten good Indian food in India and UK. If you want good indian food in Bergen County, I highly highly recommend Tandorri Chef in downtown Hackensack. The food is fresh and spices are just perfect. Highly recommended it. Their lunch buffet is excellent as well.

                                                      Taj Palace in Teaneck is OK but one of the better ones.