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Sep 10, 2006 06:46 PM

Raw Chicken

Last night, my fiance and I went to a highly popular hip Fusion Asian restaurant and were served raw chicken. The dish was an appetizer of Chicken Lollipops. We each had one, then I bit into another and it was completely raw. Not just slightly pink, but raw, it took only a second in my mouth to decide that it wasn't cooked at all. We tried to move pass and order a salad and another app, but I couldn't get over it. I picked open the last pop and noticed it was also completely raw. We let the waiter now, and he obviously apologized, but I still couldn't trust the kitchen for the rest of the night, and stepped outside while my FI dealt with the bill. The manager came over, completely appologized and comped the bill, we then left. What are your thoughts on it and would you go back to try the restaurant again?


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  1. Were they supposed to be raw? I know some people who eat raw chicken (but I guess not in North America), but ... did the description of the dish in the menu say they're supposed to be raw???? Or did the waiter ask how you'd like your chicken to be prepared?

    1. Well, since the manager not only apologized, but comped the bill, I'm assuming the kitchen made a horrible mistake.

      Did you eat the first lollipop? I hope it wasn't raw, but only the rest of them were.

      If it were me, I would not return. In fact, I would write a letter to the restaurant owner.

      1. can you describe the taste of it? not that i am going to try it myself. :)

        1. I'm pretty sure that in Japan raw (or near raw) chicken is an authentic dish. Since you were in an Asian Fusion restaurant, you should do some research on the subject before condemning them. Who is the chef? I'm not sure I would trust raw chicken in the most competent hands, let alone a Westerner trying to imitate Japanese cuisine. The fact that the manager apologized is incongruous. It could signal a huge mistake on the part of the kitchen (which deserves a phone call to the health board), or a lack of communication between front of house and back (also worrisome), or simple courtesy compensating for the east-west divide (ie: the mistake was yours). As they say, when in Rome...

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            Thanks for all of the replys, no the chicken was not supposed to be raw. It was a pure case of a Sat nite too busy and trying to keep up. The first bite was over-cooked which I told my fiance and the second was raw chicken, Oil to Hot, and cooks (not chefs) trying to get food out as quickly as possible, I think by the time we were served we had been seated for 7 minutes.

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              Wow, that's remarkably insulting to say that "chefs" wouldn't serve raw chicken while "cooks" are menial troglodytes that would do "such horrible things" to food. Firstly, there is only one "chef" in the kitchen and if it's a busy night he or she is sure not going to be looking at your lollipops under a microscope and secondly a chef is only as good as the crew of cooks behind him, and good cooks can be found anywhere from any background, with or without a culinary degree.

              Hey, the cook screwed up big, and from that one incident I cannot label that cook a good or bad one.

          2. If they were supposed to be raw - which I don't believe for a second - they should make that clear on the menu. Or they can keep comping the bills of unsuspecting diners, and keep getting bad word of mouth. I've heard of raw chicken being served before, but it is just not common or expected, and is gross enough to most diners that an explanation should be made beforehand. I mean if restaurants point out that they cook their salmon "medium rare" (which has happened to me a lot) then I think pointing out "the food that you've always been told will kill you if undercooked will be served raw" is not out of the question!

            But to answer your original question, I say go back if you feel like, stay away if it would gross you out. I wouldn't go back out of guilt, or stay away because others tell you to. Do what works for you. (I'd probably stay away just because there are a bunch of great restaurants out there not trying to kill me!)