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Sep 10, 2006 06:28 PM

one night stand ?

Hi all

Am staying in Boston Mo 25 to Wed 27 , but at the game 2 nights so only one is reserved for food - Monday 25th. Will be staying downtown and one of us is vegetarian but will eat fish occcasionally.

With just one night , where is unmissable?

Similarly, which areas/bars must we not miss for post game beers/ late nights even though its early/mid week. We are in our 30's so preferably somewhere not full of kids !


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  1. Given you only have one night, I think one of most unmissable things you can do as a chowhound is to do a chow crawl and hit several places in an evening. Keep portions small, sample a few things and move on to the next. Allston's a great nabe for trying all sorts of chow, from elegant Shanghainese (Shanghai Gate) , to homey Lebanese (Reef Cafe), lively Singapore/Malaysian (Aneka Rasa), spicy Korean (Buk Kyung II). This also gives you an opportunity to try new places and dishes which haven't been discovered.

    You could also try Chinatown, sampling a range of regional Chinese. Move along the southern coast of China from Canton (e.g. Gourmet Seafood, Jumbo, Peach Farm) to Teochew (China Pearl Best Cafe), Fujian (Taiwan Cafe), Jiangsu/Shanghainese (New Shanghai or Wing's).

    1. Try Eastern Standard before or after one of the games, great food, drinks and a fun atmosphere. Great burger, even!