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Sep 10, 2006 05:32 PM

From NJ & going to SF for the first time!

Hello eveyone. I Love this site.

I'm so looking forward to visiting your city as I've always been a 49er fan and will be seeing them on the 24th. Also going to a SF Giant game to have some garlic fries:) (Mets Fan)

Anyway, we will be staying at the Fairmont on Nob Hill. Has anyone been to the Tongo Room & Hurricane Bar? What did you think?

Also SO would like to know if there is anywhere to go in SF for all you can eat crab?


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  1. The Tonga Room is hilarious, but the food is bad. Go for the happy hour (5-7) and eat elsewhere.

    Local crab is (1) out of season and (2) far too expensive for anyone to offer all-you-can-eat.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Thank you for the info. We're looking forward to trying alot of different places for food and doing all the touristy things:P

      I thought that would be the case with the crabs, but had to ask to make hubby happy.

      1. re: edlyn

        I will agree with the comment made about the Tonga Room. How about the band that floats across the pool on a raft and the tropical rain forest that happens every 10 minutes or so. Go for a happy hour drink and then eat elsewhere. AND OH! There are so many great places to eat in S.F. I live in Half Moon Bay (22 miles from SF) and we have some great new restaurants that have opened up here. One of them is the Red Ginger. Fabulous food. Pan Asian. So if you want to get out of the city and see a beautiful little town, come to HMB.

        1. re: demerybarnett

          HMB sounds lovely. We might just check it out as we are in the area for 8 days. I want to see & "taste" it all!

    2. I have to say the Tongo Room is horrible, both from a food perspective and a dancing bar perspective. I think Top of the Mark will be a better bet. Abeit, it's more expensive, $10 cover after $9, but it's so classy and awesome view. You can also dine there, there is a prefix menu which if you order you can stay after for the entertainment and dancing. Top of the Mark is right across the street from the Fairmont at the Mark Hopkin's hotel.

      1. If you're looking for a very memorable (but expensive) dinner, you cannot do better than the Ritz Carlton on Stockton St. a mere two blocks down the hill from the Fairmont. You can even take a cable car each way.
        Popular place but if you call asap you should be able to get a table there. I, and many others here, believe it to be the best restaurant in SF right now.

        As far as crab goes your best bet right now would be Chinatown but as noted it would not be local and would be rather expensive and not the best representation. Season for crab here is generally Dec-March.

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        1. re: kevine

          There are a number of restaurants in the Ritz-Carlton. The notable one is The Dining Room, since the current chef is Ron Siegel (formerly chef at Masa's, and before that Charles Nob Hill, during which tenure he beat Sakai on the original Iron Chef).

        2. Thank you everyone for sharing your recommendations. We will definitely check out these places.

          We are more of the "bluejean" type people, but like to eat fine food:)

          In the Northeast you can usally find an ~All you can eat crab legs joint or some sort of seafood buffet~
          (of course not the freshest or finest - but makes Hubby Happy)

          We don't frequent these places, but thought going to SF there might be such a place.

          Hope to see & eat with all of you soon!!!

          1. There is yet some AYCE fun if you are not really looking for haute. Moonstar Seafood Buffet is a notch or two above your typical suburban Chinese AYCE, and heck, if you have a boardinghouse reach you might get AYCE crab.


            Another AYCE place you might enjoy is Coriya Hot Pot City, 852 Clement Street in the Richmond. It's a Taiwanese-owned all you can eat hot pot (shabu shabu). Not the highest quality ingredients, but most likely the biggest variety you'll find, including some fairly exotic desserts and (non-alcoholic) drinks (possibly the first place in SF to ever offer Bubble Tea).

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            1. re: Gary Soup

              Thanx Gary, Not sure if I will tell Hubby about this unless I get tired of all the other chow.(only kidding)

              I'm looking forward to a fish taco:) I'm not a buffet type of person.