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Sep 10, 2006 04:57 PM

Dinner near LAX

We'll be staying at the Belamar Hotel on a Sunday evening before an early morning flight out of LAX. Any recommendations for dinner and cocktails near the hotel...any sights to see?

The hotel website offers recommendations, but they are all 15 - 20 miles from the hotel. Has anyone eaten at the hotel?

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  1. I've never heard of the Belamar Hotel before, which didn't surprise me, and Google says it's in Manhattan Beach:

    After looking at the Hotel's dining recommendations, I was shocked at how absolutely limited those suggestions are. So few and nothing close by, are they trying to trick you into eating in their hotel?

    You did the right thing by posting here. Is there any budgetary restrictions and any type of food you be interested in? What City are you coming from? (If your from Kansas City, then I wouldn't pick a steakhouse but would try and recommened somewhere you would enjoy the Pacific Ocean, if from Seattle, I wouldn't, ect.


    You have options nearby! Just a simple example, Houston's (a chain, is a 99% certainty in being better than your hotel's food) is nearby at (under 1 mile?)

    1550 Rosecrana Ave. (almost on the corner with Sepulveda)
    Manhattan Beach
    (310) 643-7211

    But I think you can do better.

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      We are coming from Daytona Beach, budget restraints. Houston's is always their Ahi tuna with cole slaw and red beans & rice (substitute for sliced tomatoes).

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        all the restaurants along rosecrans are in minimalls or business parks, if you don't like that kind of thing.

        head down to the beach....its very very close and good to walk cream place too...forget the name though.

        Petros is good, as is rock n' fish..
        Beaches has a fantastic view of the ocean and ho hum food.....

    2. There are a number of choices along Sepulveda and East on Rosecrans. Along Rosecrans there is a good Japanese place called Taiko, as well as the chaims Fleming's Steakhouse, Houston's, McCormick & Schmick and Il Fornaio. Heading closer to the ocean, Avenue in Manhattan Beach is wonderful for Californian.

      1. The Belamar is right near the Manhattan Beach pier, where there are numerous restaurant options, and a fun atmosphere for walking around. I would just go to the pier area (Manhattan beach blvd, from the ocean to a few blocks inland) and see what appeals to you. But one good choice might be Coco Noche, a chocolate, wine, and tapas place I just wrote a separate review for--located at Highland and Manhattan Beach Blvd. Another good option is Michi, on Manhattan Ave a couple blocks south of Manhattan Beach Blvd--it has good Asian fusion food, good cocktails, and a nice atmosphere. There's also Rock N' Fish, on Manhattan Beach Blvd, right near the pier. I don't think it's quite as good as the other two spots, but it's good. Cafe Pierre in that area is also pretty good. I've seen people recommend Petro's for upscale greek food (also on Manhattan Beach blvd, in a little shopping center a couple blocks inland), but I haven't tried it.

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        1. re: Nicole

          Coco Noche sounds interesting...their website doesn't have a menu, but it sound right up my alley. Thanks for the great ideas!

        2. SHULA'S 347 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel. Great steaks and other items. Free validated valet parking.

          (pictured bone in rib eye and 10 oz. filet mignon

          1. Haven't read all the posts in depth, but I don't see Encounters. Great atmosphere, good food (admitting I usually only drink there). Encounters is in the island between all the terminals at LAX at the top of the spider looking building. Be sure to park in parking for Encounters only, not the regular LAX parking