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Sep 10, 2006 04:50 PM

Fabulous Dinner in Santa Monica - for all ages...

I am looking for some restaurant recommendations in the vicinity of the Loews Hotel Santa Monica. I'd like something with an "LA Style" lounge with great cocktails & wines by the glass for the younsters in the group (30ish), but a variety of entrees that are delicious and will appeal to some of the others (60-70). I know it's a tall order...Also, the bar/lounge can be in walking distance of the restaurant. The group enjoys California Cuisine, Steaks, Seafood...

We'll be dining one night at Spago, but didn't want to travel too far from the Santa Monica area. Thanks!

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  1. Just a short walk on Ocean Ave there are few good spots that fit the bill.

    Ma'Kai (cal-asian fusion), which is a "scene." I'll admit I've never eaten more than appetizers here but they were pretty good.

    Boa (Steaks) - I don't put this high on my list of L.A. steakhouses but it's close to you, good not great food, and has a nice bar.

    Rockenwagner on Main is very L.A. There's a trendy place on Abbot-Kinney (walkable but most would probably opt for a cab) called Primitivo but it's really only good for smaller groups. I'd say 8 or fewer.

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      Rockenwagner closed a few months ago--though he is building a new place on Abbott Kinney.

    2. A few blocks down - Whist at the Viceroy. Poolside dining, or inside with white couches lounging areas, music, and quite frankly, very "LA" atmosphere. Great food, too! :) Highly recommend the pomegranate martini.

      Have fun!

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        Oooo...I can taste the pomegranate martini. Thanks for the tip!

      2. In addition to the above suggestions, Casa Del Mar's Oceanfront would fit the bill and the lobby lounge is very hip. The restaurant in the Loew's itself, Ocean and Vine, is quite good but the lounge is not particularly hip unless you have drinks outside around the fire pits.

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          I am ready to change my reservation to Casa Del Mar! It looks gorgeous. I think our group would love to have dinner there. Thanks!