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Sep 10, 2006 04:31 PM

Sat. Brazilian Festival/Any Good Chow?

Did anyone go to the Brazilian festival yesterday (Sat. 9/9) on Soldiers Fiels rd.?
I wanted to check it out but got too busy. Any good chow?

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  1. I was there from about 11-1pm and the stands were a bit slow to start. I couldn't stick around to try any of the chow, but did check out what was there. There was a different "baiana" than past years, a table selling salgados named after a person (eg Maria's salgados) and looked like they might have brazilian hot dogs, there was a table with homemade brazilian sweets, and midwest grill. There were a few others, but those were the ones I noticed. I didn't see the folks from Sweet Brazil setting up the stand with churros, but in past years they were a bit on the late side. Also not certain if there was anyone selling fresh "pastels." Hope someone was able to make it and enjoyed the festival.