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Sep 10, 2006 03:57 PM

Nepalese food anywhere in Florida?

I just got back from a San Francisco vacation (oh, did I eat) and I had Nepalese food ... very very similar to Indian; I felt if you mixed Indian and Thai cuisines you'd have Nepalese. It's now my fave...and I am willing to drive long distances to get it.

I'm in Tampa Bay, but there's no way we have a Nepalese restaurant so I better find a cookbook. Thanks!

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  1. I wish that I could report positive news from Jacksonville, but we don't have Nepalese here either. (I'll follow this thread closely, though I'm afraid it might be a short one.) Please post again if you discover a Nepalese cookbook you like.

    1. A little 'net sleuthing resuilted in a meager lead: a recent annual gathering of the Florida Nepalese Association held in Tampa had its dinner catered by Shalimar, a Tampa-area Indian restaurant. You may want to ask if they have any Nepalese dishes up their sleeves.

      1. Shalimar is my fave inidan place...I'll ask the owner, thanks!