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Sep 10, 2006 03:40 PM

Fish Taco

Other than Baja Fresh, where in NJ can one find the ultimate fish taco?

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  1. I believe EL MESON in Freehold has them.

    check out the menu for yourself. This place is FABULOUS!!! Others will agree. BYOB, and you can sit inside or outside.


    1. Hello:

      I agree wholeheartedly with El Meson.

      Surprisingly, the other place I have had decent
      fish tacos semi locally is Jose Tejas.

      Still, after living in los angeles years ago, I
      have come to accept there really is nothing locally
      to compare.

      I wonder if Stewarts of Kearny would make them once
      in a while as a special?


      1. Seal, I guess my CA is showing. I miss the grab a fish taco while the car is still moving days!

        1. I like the fish tacos at 10th Avenue Burrito in Belmar. Ask for some medium salsa which they make from fresh roasted vegetables. This place is just a taco stand with a few tables but I really like it because as well as having great food, it also has personality which gets rarer all the time in this age of chain restaurants.

          1. Blue Fish Grill, the sibling of Matts Red Rooster in Flemington, has fish tacos on their menu.

            For 6.75 you get two steaming corn tortillas filled with guacamole, pieces of wood grilled fish, and a red cabbage topping, wrapped in aluminum foil and served in a basket with chips or fries. The fish was a bit skimpy, but very tasty.

            Very casual place, featuring fresh wood grilled fish, great for a quick (and cheap) lunch.

            They are located in / behind the Liberty Village outlets.


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            1. re: Sethboy

              I haven't yet made it to Matt's Red Rooster, but did try Blue Fish Grill a couple of months ago. The prices were definitely right, but the lobster rolls sucked. Served on chewy steak rolls and not buttered hot dog rolls. And I could have sweared it was imitation lobster meat and not the real deal. The homemade potato chips, however, were killer. Those fish tacos sound much better.

              1. re: jsfein

                Definitely agree that the lobster rolls are terrible. The fish tacos, however, are awesome. I have all but abandoned ordering anything else. The chips are great, but next time, try the fries. They are super thin, and sprinkled with the yummiest seasoning. tacos and fries.