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Sep 10, 2006 03:36 PM

Airplane Food

Do you eat what's offered or do you bring your own food? Do you ever ask for the special meals? Is one better than the other?

I'm lactose intolerant but the dairyfree meals offered on planes are horrid. Usually bland, boring, tasteless and unappetizing. They seem to think dairyfree should also be vegetarian and no sodium. I've been taking my chances and choosing from the two options normally offered. Usually there's one that will work. It's a good thing my SO is not fussy, we'll get both options and I'll eat what I can and he finishes the rest.

A friend of mine orders a kiddie meal when she flies. She says they're great; hamburger, hot dogs, all the fun foods! Which got me thinking, are there any other tricks we should know about?

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  1. Airlines still serve food?

    Yeah, the tip is to fly first class. The champagne and Godiva chocolates are lovely.

    Never order vegitarian. A friend always ordered Kosher because she said they were better meals ... but that was in the old days.

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      What airline? In the past year I've flown Delta, United and American in first class and the food is a world away from where it was just a few years ago. Unless you're flying overseas, it's just a step up from what they used to serve in coach. So is now just about the presentation.

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        Nowadays, the only 'decent food' airlines are the Asian ones like Cathay Pacific or Singapore. In fact, friends and relatives are taking Cathay Pacific from Vancouver to New York rather than taking the local North American ones. Even the so called 'best'- Air Canada is only so-so when compared to Asian Airlines.
        Foodwise, most impressive IMO is Cathay Pacific where they actually serve cooked to order items like claypot rice and won-ton noodles using the real McCoy not the instant stuff!!
        Hate United, Period!! They actually charged me for soft drink in their Chicago Business Class Lounge!! So cheap a move, I was actually stunned!!

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        The kosher meals are usually worse then the ones being served by the airline, the only exception is on British Airways who get their kosher meals from Hermeles.

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          Way back, United had some great Kosher meals. That has changed, and somewhat dramatically. I also did so, though I do not keep Kosher, but then, things changed greatly, so I gave up.


        2. On the odd chance that an airline offers a meal, I either get the fruit plate (skip the packaged, soggy muffin) or the Asian vegetarian meal - basically a stirfry with rice.

          Otherwise, I bring my own. Some past hits include sandwiches (nothing messy or smelly), pizza squares (sturdier than slices), homemade muffins, yogurt, crudités. Fruit is hard to eat neatly because of the juice.

          1. I fly quite often and it is a blessing that there are no meals served on domestic flights. Now I am forced to bring something decent. Recently on an international trip and tired of the salt-laced meals, I requested the vegetarian. I got the exact same bland salt free meals on three of the four legs of the trip. Taught me a lesson.

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              Which airline and which route?

              Many are better, than are others.


            2. My father got sick 12 weeks before 9-11 and I flew back every weekend. One Flight Attendant recognized me after about the 3rd or 4th week and told me to order the "seafood" snack (semi short flights- other passengers got sandwiches/cookies/fruit).. it consisted of 12 chilled shrimp with cocktail sauce or a more freshly made tuna salad-two scoops- along with fancier crackers and a different fruit (I do remember the fresh strawberries when everyone else got canned fruits or whole bananas or whole apples)...

              Ah, those were the days....

              1. Food??? On a recent flight from Oakland to Dallas to Jacksonville we were offered a muffin for two bucks and that was it. On the return trip there was some sort of little "biscotti" it was called that was handed out for free. tasteless and a complete waste. This was American Airlines. Both leaving and returning were very early morning flights, the ones they use to at least offer cereal or yogurt and the like. Now, you had better eat before you climb on the plane if you need a food fix.

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                  Again - airline, route, cabin class.

                  Much can differ.