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Sep 10, 2006 03:34 PM

kosher wedding near NYC

I'm newly engaged, and looking for a wedding site for about 250 people, with an outdoor ceremony site, for about $100pp with a kosher kitchen or that can bring in a kosher caterer. Kosher food always costs more, ans usually isn't as good... any places out there like this that have great kosher food? Thanks!

Looking specifically within an hour from NYC - LI, NJ...whatever...

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  1. $100 pp, you're going to have a problem or jsut not going to eat.

    2 suggestions -

    If you're looking for a really very nice place that fit's you're physical requirements try the Hilton Garen Inn on Staten Island. 20 minutes from Brooklyn, 15 minutes from Newark airport.

    Shop around for a caterer - try Main Event Caterers - they do a nice job.
    Talk to them, tell them what your budget is at what your physical requirements are - ask them for ideas/advice, Im sure they'll be receptive.

    Hope this helps

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      Just had my daughter's wedding at the Hilton garden Inn and used main Event. It was spectacular, but way,way above the $100pp you mentioned.

    2. I would recommend the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ if you have it on a weeknight. The food is amazing and the place is beautiful inside and out.

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        1. When you say $100 per person, do you mean for the hall plus food, or for everything, including band, photographer, flowers, etc? Do you want to include an open bar in that?
          You're probably best off looking at one of the places that has an in-house caterer, as bringing in food from outside tends to cost more. You can call Prestige caterers (what I'd recommend) or Main Event or one of the other major local kosher caterers and see what they'd charge for what you have in mind, and then try to find a hall that would still fit into your budget, but I'd look at Crest Hollow (in LI), Marina del Rey (in the Bronx, on the water with a beautiful outdoor ceremony area, but I don't know that they do affairs that small), the Crystal Plaza (Livingston, NJ, but make sure that you specify Glatt rather than regular kosher when you talk to them) as all of them have kosher caterers in-house. If you're willing to be flexible on the outdoor ceremony, that opens up a whole host of options that might be cheaper, in Brooklyn and elsewhere.

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            I found Marina Del Rey to be very esthetically pleasing and centrally located, but they need to have a 300 person min. The caterer is not in-house but I hear the food is good and run by some chap-a-nosh offshot from Brooklyn.

            1. re: Sunnigrl73

              I believe the minimum is higher than that now (closer to 400).

          2. Let me clarify - by $100, I mean the base price per head, before tax (7%), service charge (18%) and rabbi or mashgiach (300-1000 additional), and beore any music or flowers, or photographer or dress.... $100 should be the initial price they mention - it'll still end up being $115-120 with tax etc.

            I have seen some beautiful places, that bring in truly kosher caterers that my orthodox friends and conservative rabbi completely approve of. These places include for that price food, ceremony, open bar, vallet parking, cake etc...

            I know they're out there, and was hoping to get some ideas from people who have hosted or attended similar parties. I know they're not easy to find, but that's why I'm here. Thanks!