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kosher wedding near NYC

I'm newly engaged, and looking for a wedding site for about 250 people, with an outdoor ceremony site, for about $100pp with a kosher kitchen or that can bring in a kosher caterer. Kosher food always costs more, ans usually isn't as good... any places out there like this that have great kosher food? Thanks!

Looking specifically within an hour from NYC - LI, NJ...whatever...

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  1. $100 pp, you're going to have a problem or jsut not going to eat.

    2 suggestions -

    If you're looking for a really very nice place that fit's you're physical requirements try the Hilton Garen Inn on Staten Island. 20 minutes from Brooklyn, 15 minutes from Newark airport. www.sihilton.com

    Shop around for a caterer - try Main Event Caterers - they do a nice job. http://mecaterers.com/
    Talk to them, tell them what your budget is at what your physical requirements are - ask them for ideas/advice, Im sure they'll be receptive.

    Hope this helps

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      Just had my daughter's wedding at the Hilton garden Inn and used main Event. It was spectacular, but way,way above the $100pp you mentioned.

    2. I would recommend the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ if you have it on a weeknight. The food is amazing and the place is beautiful inside and out.

      1. When you say $100 per person, do you mean for the hall plus food, or for everything, including band, photographer, flowers, etc? Do you want to include an open bar in that?
        You're probably best off looking at one of the places that has an in-house caterer, as bringing in food from outside tends to cost more. You can call Prestige caterers (what I'd recommend) or Main Event or one of the other major local kosher caterers and see what they'd charge for what you have in mind, and then try to find a hall that would still fit into your budget, but I'd look at Crest Hollow (in LI), Marina del Rey (in the Bronx, on the water with a beautiful outdoor ceremony area, but I don't know that they do affairs that small), the Crystal Plaza (Livingston, NJ, but make sure that you specify Glatt rather than regular kosher when you talk to them) as all of them have kosher caterers in-house. If you're willing to be flexible on the outdoor ceremony, that opens up a whole host of options that might be cheaper, in Brooklyn and elsewhere.

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          I found Marina Del Rey to be very esthetically pleasing and centrally located, but they need to have a 300 person min. The caterer is not in-house but I hear the food is good and run by some chap-a-nosh offshot from Brooklyn.

          1. re: Sunnigrl73

            I believe the minimum is higher than that now (closer to 400).

        2. Let me clarify - by $100, I mean the base price per head, before tax (7%), service charge (18%) and rabbi or mashgiach (300-1000 additional), and beore any music or flowers, or photographer or dress.... $100 should be the initial price they mention - it'll still end up being $115-120 with tax etc.

          I have seen some beautiful places, that bring in truly kosher caterers that my orthodox friends and conservative rabbi completely approve of. These places include for that price food, ceremony, open bar, vallet parking, cake etc...

          I know they're out there, and was hoping to get some ideas from people who have hosted or attended similar parties. I know they're not easy to find, but that's why I'm here. Thanks!

          1. Crest Hollow (as mentioned before) has a fairly new in-house glatt kosher caterer whose price can't be beat by the other kosher caterers who have had parties there. I believe the name of the in-house caterer is Elite and they prepare a nice affair. crest Hollow is nice in and out as well.

            1. I recommend Austein Caterers ( 516 ) 256 - 3582. Richie Austein is an excellent caterer. His food is delicious and he is a very knowledgable caterer. From what I understand, he is very easy to work with. He caters out of Temple Gates of Zion in Valley Stream (right next to Queens), but he also caters at different sites as well.

              1. There are some places that want minimum guarantees too, keep that in mind.

                1. There are 2 catering facilities that I know of that are good for people trying to stay within budget: Astorian Manor in Queens(near the Triboro bridge) and Eden Palace in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I haven't been to Astorian Manor in several years, but I was at Eden Terrace about 3 years ago.

                  1. There is a beautiful Country Club in Brooklyn called El Caribe Country Club or the Sands in Atlantic Beach. My siblings weddings were there and we had this teriffic caterer known as Classic Kosher Catering. I asked my mom and she said both places were under $100 per person and the abundance of food and the taste was truly outrageous. Maybe give them a call.

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                    1. Did you ever find a place? Please let know how your search turned out; I just started planning my wedding. Thanks.

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                        We're going with the Crystal Plaza, in livingston nj. They have a kosher kitchen, rather than just bringing in a kosher caterer. (It did end up costing more than the original idea of 100pp - that price was possible if doing non kosher, but this was average to low for kosher).

                        Most places we ended up looking at were in NJ - Mayfair farms, florentine gardens (loved this place)... I have a whole spreadsheet of places I called if you need some ideas, and you know any specifics of what your look for... good luck!

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                          Thank you for the quick reply. We are having our wedding at a local temple ($1300 for a 5 hour reception). Exquisite caterers is catering the affair for 100 guests. All the fees + renting the room for the reception comes out to $97 a head before taxes and gratuity. We are pleased with this number as we were trying to plan our wedding for $100 per person. After we marry in October, I will give you an update on the caterers service and food.

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                            The food is very good, wonderful ambiance, expensive, really a very nice place. I've been to a few weddings there. You may want to check out their Kashrut (and dont be surprised what you find). They will accomodate glatt kosher meals brought in which the Vaad of Metro West can arrange.

                            1. re: Nalega

                              I'm happy to hear you went with the Crystal. We also ended up picking them for our wedding. I've never been to a wedding there but I know others who have and I've been to other affairs of theirs and we had our engagement party there. just wonderful!

                              1. re: Nalega

                                I am planning a wedding for Nov o7 and I am from NJ- Bergen County and now live in NY. My family is secular but his family is very religious. WE need help finding kosher wedding place that is affordable. I would love to see your spreadsheet. Thanks!

                                1. re: jodib5

                                  i can email it if you'd like - email me at naga6794 at aol dot com if interested...

                                2. re: Nalega

                                  could u email me your spreadsheet since i am also planning a wedding for my daughter soon. thanks

                                  1. re: Nalega

                                    can u foward me the spread sheet please we are just starting to look and are overwhelmed

                                    1. re: Nalega

                                      My daughter also just got engaged. We are planning a wedding for August. We're flexible, but will probably do it on a weeknight as it seems to be much more reasonable. We live in Queens. Could you e-mail me your spreadsheet as well? It would be very helpful. We're also overwhelmed as there are many choices andi don't believe some of the numbers p/p I'm hearing. Thanks!

                                      1. re: brosey

                                        Perhaps Nalega could create a public spreadsheet on Google docs, rather than emailing, which requires that people post their email addresses in this public forum.

                                  2. Wow, $100pp. My daughter got married in 2003, The places that I looked at, Eden Palace, Ateres Avraham, Rose Castle, and Ateres Chayil were around $85 per COUPLE. I went with Eden Palace and paid $92 a COUPLE because I had extras like a few carving stations. Problem with the places that I mentioned is that they each required a minimum of 400 people. I know that prices are up since 2003, but $100 per PERSON i.e,$200 per COUPLE - wow!

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                                      Aside from prices changing since 2003, bear in mind that prices change seasonally, too - if you get married in August, you'll frequently pay more than if you marry in January. Also, you get what you pay for. I've been to weddings at most of the places you've mentioned, and haven't been impressed.

                                    2. I attended a wedding at Eden Palace and I thought that the hosts received good value for the amount that they spent. Several years ago, I attended a wedding at Woodbury Jewish Center. The food was the most delicious food that I ever had at a catered affair. While the food and service were much better than Eden Palace, the hosts probably spent double or triple the amount that it would have cost at Eden Palace.

                                      Many people can not afford to have an affair at Woodbury Jewish Center or at a comparable place and will find an economical alternative.

                                      1. My children are being married in Israel in June, and I want to make a reception for them in NJ in August. I have found what I think is a wonderful place--the Botanic Gardens at Rutgers--Now I need a caterer--Must be strictly kosher, but with at least a touch of flair--please let me know what your experience is either with the place or the availability of local caterers

                                        1. Try Main Event Caterers.

                                          1. I used Simply Divine, and they were wonderful. Very creative, and the food was as beautiful to look at as it was to eat.

                                            1. Hello Nalega.

                                              I'd LOVE to take a look at your spreadsheet of kosher NJ wedding sites at reasonable price. My budget's about the same as your initial one.

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                                              1. re: meems15

                                                u guys make it sound like money just grows on trees.
                                                I just got engaged and me and my fiance are trying to find a decent place with a $65-70 a couple, being that we have like 400 on the list.

                                                and it's being extreamly hard to find something we both like

                                                1. re: Factory Girl

                                                  Found this on one of the blogs ->

                                                  Williamsburg's halls go like this:

                                                  1. Brucha Sima - very cheap. Very ugly. The rebbishe, very frum, and very poor go there.
                                                  2. Bais Rochel - affordable. But it's small so only smallish families go there.
                                                  3. VaYoel Moshe - the most sought after hall. It's gorgeous, but price wise it's just about at the edge of affordability. The people who take it either can afford it or are usually the ones who are embarrassed to go to a cheaper hall... (I got married there for the record.)
                                                  4. Concorde Plaza - I think it's about the VaYoel Moshe range but for some reason people shy away from booking it - I don't know why. But people do go there. Maybe cuz it's about out of the central area.
                                                  5. Continental - very gorgeous, but only for negidim. Expensive.
                                                  6. Rose Castle - only for super negidim and rich non chasidim
                                                  7. Ateres Avraham - for the filthy rich and all non chasidim!
                                                  8. Eden Palace - no one uses.


                                                  For the record, I used Eden Palace for my daughter's wedding.

                                                  To this list I would add the Viznitz Hall in Boro Park as well as Ateres Chayil and Ateres Chinka. I know there are more in Brooklyn, If you are interested I can do more research. I went to some modest weddings of friends of mine, I just can't rember their names - the halls, not the friends. I think one was on McDonald Ave in Brooklyn and another one on New Utrich Ave, and now that I think about it another one was off Ft Hamilton Parkway. Maybe some ChowHounders can fill in the blanks.

                                              2. I got married 6 months ago at Mayfair Farms, in West Orange NJ. The place is absolutely gorgeous and does not look like your typical hall. It has several outdoor gardens so that if you get lucky with the weather you can have an outdoor chupa or shmorg. See www.mayfairfarms.com

                                                The caterer was Prestige, and the food was delicious and plentiful, with excellent service. See www.prestigecaterers.com

                                                If you need a phographer we used Hello Video & Photo Studio and got stunning outdoor pictures and a great video that even our friends could not get over. See www.hellovideo.com

                                                For the Orchestra we had Ari Pollack who always does a great job. He is a master at playing the right songs and not "killing" a good dance session by playing something no one knows.

                                                Most importantly, once the wedding day comes don't get caught up with the small details of the day and just have the time of your life!

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                                                1. re: baroy

                                                  This is so helpful. We live in Brooklyn, and are not strictly kosher, but we do keep a kosher home and want to have a kosher Bat Mitzvah for my daughter new March. So far, there aren't many suitable, local, not too expensive places. I've looked at the Marriott (which has a kosher option) but wasn't overwhelmed. I'm going to try some of the ideas listed above. Also, I'm guessing that the Grand Prospect Hall (which has a kosher option) is one of the places mentioned above. No one that I know has anything great to say about it, other than it's location in the Park Slope area. Didn't there used to be a few places in Mill Basin? I already left Eden a message, I'm just wondering. Thanks.

                                                  1. re: Sherrynd

                                                    my son in getting married in ny and the other side is looking into Ateres Avraham or the Eden Palace. Since I am from out of town, I don;t know either place. If you have checked these out, can you give me a review of each and the differenc e> That would be greatly appreciated. My e=mail is lgens8@gmail.com

                                                    1. re: canuk

                                                      I've gone to chasanas at both halls. they're both good (IMHO, better than the other halls in Williamsburg)

                                                  2. re: baroy

                                                    Just got engaged and now also looking for ideas for a kosher NJ wedding. Baroy, would you mind giving a sense of Mayfair Farms pricing--it sounds great--would love to know if they'd be within our budget...

                                                    1. re: noya

                                                      Hi Noya, Congrats on your engagement!

                                                      We paid less than $100 per person at Mayfair Farms which included everything but the prices may be higher now since I know they were renegotiating the contract with the caterer at the time and we got in at the old price. I think your best bet is to call Mayfair Farms or set up a meeting and discuss it directly. Keep in mind that if you guarantee a certain amount of people, and have the wedding on a weekday you are more likely to be able to negotiate a terrific price.

                                                      The service and the professionalism exhibited by the entire staff at Mayfair Farms was really superb and I would highly recommend them. Feel free to contact me with any other questions.

                                                      1. re: baroy

                                                        Thank you so much--and good to know. I'm calling them NOW :-) BTW--where did you have out of towners stay? My email is el.a@sbcglobal dot net if you happen to have any other great recommendations (I did notice the ones above but also wondering about invitations and all the other details.) Again, thank you SO much.

                                                  3. Does anybody know much about The Surf Club in New Rochelle? How is their food and what are their prices? somebody mentioned it to me. Also what about Shelter Rock Jewish Center?

                                                    1. Check out p40 in the latest (12/3/10) issue of the 5 towns Jewish Times. There is an ad from The Sands stating that they have a mid week price of $45/pp (Per PERSON) catering done by Meisners! This is a drop of $5/pp from the last time they offered such a package. Then the caterer was Shicks, now Meisners, both excellent caterers. Although the OP was for 250 people and the ad states 400 min it is still of importance to post this info for people who can meet the 400 person minimum.


                                                      1. If you are still looking for a place I have a recommendation. My daughter was married last Aug at Crest Hollow Country Club. The base price was $80. per person for glatt kosher food. The smorg was amazing. Some of my guests thought it must have cost over $200/person. We are real foodies and wanted the best food we could get at a reasonable price. The facility was beautiful and they really have everything well organized. Only problem we had was that they don't guarantee where the smorgasbord will be to the last week out. But you can reserve your banquet room when you make the reservation. I am also very picky about things so if you have any other questions please ask. Mazel tov!

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                                                        1. re: kosher in colorado

                                                          FYI - The reason they don't guarantee which room you'll get for everything is that they have more than one event going on at the same time.

                                                        2. Hi! I am also newly engaged and looking for similar details....has anyone heard of Palisadium in cliffside park?? seems like they have an in house glatt kosher caterer but cant find any reviews online. can someone help!!!

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                                                          1. re: arielala

                                                            Mazel tov.

                                                            Look at The Metropolitan Building. http://www.metropolitanbuilding.com/w... I think it's inexpensive because it's in a nothing neighborhood in Queens. Long Island City. Not unsafe, just an old warehouse, manufacturing district. Very easy to reach from highways from any direction. and once you get inside the space is WOW!. They will set up a chuppah under a large skylight. I'm not sure if it opens because it was pouring rain when I attended a wedding there, but it was a magical space. You choose the caterer. The wedding I went to used Dakshin http://www.dakshinkosher.com/ and the food was fabulous. Really outstanding.

                                                            1. re: AdinaA

                                                              thanks!! we're looking for a place that has an in house glatt kosher caterer to avoid the place fees + kosher caterer prices.
                                                              have you heard of any weddings at Palisadium? the space looks great but there are NO recent reviews to be found!

                                                              1. re: arielala

                                                                I'm really pretty sure the wedding I describe was in your price range. But the space is so special that it looked and felt like a very expensive wedding. I haven't been to the Palisadium, but, have you tried asking them for names of people who held recent simchas similar to what you are hoping for? I have found that, even though caterers will of course give you the names of satisfied customers, phoning and talking to the names you get from the caterer this way can reveal a great deal of useful information.

                                                                1. re: AdinaA

                                                                  thanks so much for being so responsive. i think the metropolitan building might actually be a bit too small now. i will take your advice on asking the caterer for some references. hoping this all works out!

                                                                  1. re: arielala

                                                                    And, again, Mazel tov!

                                                                    Remember, it's the marriage that's important. Weddings are nice, but don't let it overshadow the wonder, delight, and happiness of building a bayit ne'eman be'yisrael. It can do that, you know, if you let either the cost or the desire to have a perfect wedding get out of hand.