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Sep 10, 2006 03:07 PM

Looking for lunch along Taconic Parkway

Am I looking for lunch in all the wrong places? How about some ideas...driving from NYC to the Berkshires makes me hungry!

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  1. You'll have to get off the highway and drive, but I am partial to Four Brother's Pizza. I go to the one in Hillsdale, but I know there are a few further south, Poughkeepsie I believe. The greatest greek salad anywhere (just don't read the calorie count on the bottle if you buy one to take home).

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      I love their dressing, that was my marinade for everything when I lived up there. Used to buy it by the case!

    2. I drive the whole Taconic every fall to see the foliage. I always go a few miles out of the way to go to the CIA for lunch.
      We go to the cafe. yummy and inexpensive

      1. do you need reservations oh, months in advance for the cafe?

        1. The Apple Pie Cafe at the CIA does not take reservations (nor are they needed, you just walk in and order your food at the counter). Sadly, they are only open Monday through Friday, so if your trip is on the weekend, you're out of luck (the whole CIA is closed Sunday). And based on my experience, they tend to run out of stuff after lunchtime (like 2-ish).

          Also, getting over to Route 9 from the Taconic is a real schlep. But if you're going to do that, you could go to Terrapin or Twist in Rhinebeck and Hyde Park, respectively.

          1. The cafe at CIA is ok. Personally, I am not a big fan of the restaurants there. I think you are better off trying busy bee cafe in poughkeepsie or twist in hyde park. Both are moderately priced. There are also a couple of good restaurants in rhinebeck. I have only tried Calico in Rhinebeck but there desserts were amazing.

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              curious why you don't like CIA restaurants? Just took a cooking class there and am eager to return to restaurants. Actually one of the bonuses of the "boot camp" they offer is dining in their restaurants.