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Looking for lunch along Taconic Parkway

Am I looking for lunch in all the wrong places? How about some ideas...driving from NYC to the Berkshires makes me hungry!

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  1. You'll have to get off the highway and drive, but I am partial to Four Brother's Pizza. I go to the one in Hillsdale, but I know there are a few further south, Poughkeepsie I believe. The greatest greek salad anywhere (just don't read the calorie count on the bottle if you buy one to take home).

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      I love their dressing, that was my marinade for everything when I lived up there. Used to buy it by the case!

    2. I drive the whole Taconic every fall to see the foliage. I always go a few miles out of the way to go to the CIA for lunch.
      We go to the cafe. yummy and inexpensive

      1. do you need reservations oh, months in advance for the cafe?

        1. The Apple Pie Cafe at the CIA does not take reservations (nor are they needed, you just walk in and order your food at the counter). Sadly, they are only open Monday through Friday, so if your trip is on the weekend, you're out of luck (the whole CIA is closed Sunday). And based on my experience, they tend to run out of stuff after lunchtime (like 2-ish).

          Also, getting over to Route 9 from the Taconic is a real schlep. But if you're going to do that, you could go to Terrapin or Twist in Rhinebeck and Hyde Park, respectively.

          1. The cafe at CIA is ok. Personally, I am not a big fan of the restaurants there. I think you are better off trying busy bee cafe in poughkeepsie or twist in hyde park. Both are moderately priced. There are also a couple of good restaurants in rhinebeck. I have only tried Calico in Rhinebeck but there desserts were amazing.

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              curious why you don't like CIA restaurants? Just took a cooking class there and am eager to return to restaurants. Actually one of the bonuses of the "boot camp" they offer is dining in their restaurants.

            2. Just drove down the Taconic today, and down 55 a few miles off the Taconic (headed towards Pawling) there was a pretty fancy looking barbeque contraption set up alongside the road and quite a line. I wasn't hungry at the time, but will definitely stop next time.

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                that's allsmokedup.com ; i posted about them in a msg titled "pok area: 2 hits, i miss". here's the relevant stuff i mentioned:

                ok...a new bbq place (allsmokedup.com) is a roadside stand. he pulls up on route 55 in beekman or union vale, it's near the border of the two towns, across from the one car wash that just appears in the middle of nowhere. i'm not a pulled pork fan, but had some and it was quite flavorful...here's what they had that day:

                pulled pork sandwich $6
                half rack ribs $11 full (20 or 22)
                smoked duck ($8?)
                mac and cheese - i had this, each day they have a different one. this one was "mac & blue cheese with smoked ham" and tasted great. $4.

                from hearing things there, they have a regular bunch of people who come out, opening from "11 til food runs out". i showed up at 1130, and in the very little time i was there, 6 other vehicles (4 trucks) showed up to get food. they are ONLY THERE MONDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY. and they rotate the food - i found an article where the author mentions sliced steak and mac&cheese with crab meat, and one of the people on there wanted the sliced steak. bring your utensils if you get the mac & cheese, i didn't see any there.

                UPDATE: on the website is a calendar. click on the day, you get the day's tentative menu. since then, he's had turkey legs, some type of buffalo chicken wings, 1/2 lb cheeseburgers, roasted corn..but the ribs and pork seem to be an everyday occurrence.

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                  This sounds so great, too bad he's only there m/th/f. I'll have to check this out on a day off... Thanks for the tip.

              2. West Taghkanic Diner, Route 82, Ancram, NY is a good stop. Classic diner, with basic diner eats. Roadfood.com has a fun review. Also try their website: http://www.taghkanicdiner.com/ for directions, pix, etc.

                1. On Rt44 just off the Taconic heading east toward Millbrook on the right-hand side I noticed a rather large restaurant under construction that appeared to be nearing completion. I think a sign indicated Mediteranean or Greek. This was maybe 3-4 months ago. Does anyone know what the story is with this place, has it opened?

                  It is across the street from the Happy Days Cafe which is a friendly place with a varied selection of OK dinerish food.


                  1. We had to arrange a meeting spot once and found this place called the Milan Roadhouse off of the Taconic- probably about 2 hours from NY and 1 hour from the Berkshires. I didn't go, but my husband said it was really cute and the food looked good- I think he just had a blueberry muffin. I think it is the Red Hook exit- I found a phone number to call and check: 845-758-8333