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Best food around Courtland Manor NY

Any great places in his area. Price no object.

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  1. FWIW, the place is spelled "Cortlandt Manor"

    It's not really a real place, of course. Look for references on these boards to Peekskill, Croton-on-Hudson, Yorktown and Ossining.

    1. Blue Hill Stone Barns
      It's in Pocantico Hills--right by Tarrytown. Don't miss it.

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        Seems I ate at a great little cafe once...in an old depot perhaps? The Flying Pig. Anyone remember what stop it is?

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          Mt. Kisco. Not particularly close to Cortlandt Manor, BTW. (15-20 minute drive, depending on what part of Cortlandt you're in)

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            Iron Horse Cafe is a very good place at the train station in Pleasantville...not all that close, however.

        2. juliannas...276 watch hill rd...cortlandt manor...very good

          1. Where is this Julianna's? I am in Lake Mohegan. I recommend an old fashioned 'red sause Italian' in Peekskill. Capri on Washington St. A great double cut grilled veal chop for &18.95. Also Luigi's seafood platter - calamari, mussels, clams etc in Marinara sauce.

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              We ate at Capri once, was not impressed (of course that opinion partly because their baked ziti was made with meat and we had to send back two orders of it, but the food in general was not exciting). For red sauce Italian, we really like Dante's in Mahopac (A&P shopping center).

              Umami is great. Never been to Ocean House, the no reservations policy keeps me away.

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                I was underwhelmed by Ocean House. Prices kind of high for not terribly exciting food.

            2. julianna's used to be gordo's...right near blue mountain school

              1. Unfortunately, there is nothing good in the Cortlandt Manor area----all that exists are pizza places and nail polish places. You can't even get good take-out, its a veritable wasteland for food..............unless, of course, you can splurge at Zeph's in Peekskill

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                  had a very good dinner at julianna's!!!

                2. Bella Vita in Cortlandt Manor across from Charlie Brown's on Rt 6 in the past has had a special appetizer - seafood stuffed artichoke- a very uniqe dish and absolutely incredible. Last time I was there- semed to have changed owners and the artichoke was not available. Anyone know where the artichoke chef went?

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                    i thought it was pretty ordinary food there. Not impressed.

                  2. My favorites in this area - and imho there's not a whole lot of places even worth going to - are:
                    India House in Montrose
                    Samurai in Croton
                    Ocean House in Croton
                    Umami in Croton
                    Firehouse Grill's chicken wings in Peekskill
                    Also - I hear there's a good Mexican place on Division Street in Peekskill though I've yet to try it

                    1. Mexican in Peekskill pretty good if yjou're in the neighborhood - not a destination if you are far. Makes for interesting diversity in the area,

                      Where is Fireahouse Grill. I thought I knew all the places in Peelskill?

                      Stadium - just outside of Peekskill going north. All kinds of sports memorabilia and good pub food, wings, burgers, ribs and a regular menu too. Tablecloths, space, nice ambience.

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                        Firehouse Grill is on Welcher and Washington. It's casual and neighborhoody. I'm not a huge fan of the Stadium. It somehow feels generic and impersonal to me.

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                          Mexican in Peekskill is called Rubens. Pretty good, and reasonably priced (especially compared to the place in Mohegan Lake where Cactus Jack's used to be).

                        2. Ravenna in Peekskill has been pretty enjoyable the 2 times we've been there.


                          1. Ravenna Osteria in Peekskill is great Italian and reasonably priced. Memphis Mae's Bistro in Croton is comparable to Blue Smoke Cafe in Manhattan for BBQ

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                              Went to Memphis Mae's about a month ago and was very unimpressed.
                              The cornbread tasted like soap and we were a party of 7 - nothing was particularly good.
                              We all agreed we'd rather take the drive to Miss Maude's Spoonbread in Harlem.
                              GREAT southern food!!

                              Fratelli II on Rt 6 in Lake Mahopac can be very good - not entirely consistent, but usually, good Northern Italian (by northern westchester standards)!

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                                Agreed a/b Memphis Mae's-- it's a cute place, but I was not impressed with anything we tried (ribs and pulled pork dry, banana pudding sickeningly sweet). Too bad, because I really wanted to like it! If you're looking for yummy food in Croton, go to Umami instead!

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                                  let me pile on here...I have been three times, had one good pulled pork sandwich for lunch and have disappointed the other times.

                                  imo, holy smoke in mahopac is the closest edible bbq.

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                                    At Memphis Mae's, I enjoy the Memphis Ribs (wet), I agree about the cornbread...too dry and crumbly. But their hush puppies and house baked beans were tasty. I think it's better than Southbound BBQ, for the mid-Westchester area.

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                                I agree with you about Ravenna. But the comparison of Memphis Mae's with Blue Smoke is so far off the mark...oh, wait...you were joking...my bad...

                              3. A little further on Rt. 6 in Mahopac the Best Italian food can be found in a little place on a side street - Ariello's (Not sure about the spelling - but Confident about the food!!)

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                                  I believe the place you're talking about is Ariano's and I totally agree. His food is the real deal. He'll cook off the menu too. Remember, it's BYO (except for their house made Chianti). He is a character and another reason to eat there.

                                  1. re: chocolate chick


                                    You're right Ariano is a trip, but the food is where the character's at. I go once a week to eat like a King and relax. His years of experience at Patircia's (Morris Park Ave.) show and he doesn't skimp on the ingredients. IMO, this restaurant is the Italian jewel of Northern Westchester. Not the easiest place to get into and a small room but "Don't Panic" and focus on the food I always say......

                                2. Zeph's in Peekskill is a tremendous restaurant -- IMHO one of the best in Nothern Westchester -- , and in closer proximity to Cortlandt Manor than many of the otherwise fine places cited above.

                                  1. How about Three Doors Down in Buchanan? Only have eaten there once, but was a good meal. Anyone else been there lately?

                                    Nancy C

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                                      I think it was 4 Doors Down (but who's counting) it doesn't matter because it closed. Forgot to mention Kathleen's Tea Room in Peelskill, it charming for lunch. There is also a tea room in Ossining (not sure of the name).

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                                        That is too bad about 4 Doors Down closing. We never got there, actually tried to go for brunch one Sunday but discovered that they were no longer serving it.

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                                          Not 100% on this, I think the owners of 4 doors down went from there to Julianna's.

                                      2. Chocolate Chick - you are right. We went again to Ariano's for lunch. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Farfalle Rustica. And you are totally right - the owner is worth the trip - he will make you feel as if you are a guest in his home!

                                        1. Just had dinner at Monterverde - it was a huge disappointment!
                                          I already had the feeling it would be - but hubby likes to see for himself!
                                          Anyplace charging what they do - $20..00 appetizers and near $40.00 for any entree had better be serving very special tasting foods.
                                          Although my steak was good- I have had better at half the price. The other things on my plate were not worthy of remembering.....good catering hall fare.....

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                                            I ate at Montevere during Restaurant Week in November. Terribly disappointing, and I only paid $26 for 3 courses. They rushed us, we were out in under an hour. The food was OK, but nothing special, and they refused to do a simple menu substitution of side dish. And I have yet to read a positive review from anyone who has eaten there (including those who sadly had to pay full price). I don't see how they stay in business -- the so-called great view isn't anything special, either. And terribly overpriced, not just for the area, but compared to places like Iron Horse.

                                            BTW, they are not currently open (April-November only), but Valley in Garrison (2.5 miles north of the Route 9/403 intersection) is SPECTACULAR (and not too far from Cortlandt). We ate there twice during Restaurant Week and were blown away each time. I can't wait for them to reopen!

                                            1. re: MisterBill2

                                              We went to Valley in Garrison on this past Saturday night-- it was amazing (I had made reservations at Monteverde, but upon reading poor reviews here changed to Valley for our anniversary dinner).

                                              We both had ricotta/shitake/spinach stuffed ravioli for an appetizer; they had some kind of foam on top (don't remember what it was from the menu)-- we both loved them. My husband had the softshell crab-- that was just ok, but I had the most delicious scallops I have ever had-- perfectly cooked, with wonderfully flavored sauces to accompany. View out the window (though only I could see) just added to the whole experience. We will definately be back.

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                                                Went there last night for friend's birthday - food was very good all around. Pork chop SUPER yummy, pasta with rock shrimp, ham and arugala, a tasting of fois gras, very good dessert (mini apple pies... gotta have them again). Will go back - not a bargain, but a very nice special occasion meal.

                                          2. Went to Julianna's last night for the first time - had eaten a bit at home before we left so couldn't take full advantage of the menu... we had: drinks from the bar (Bloody Mary and a Margarita - tasty, good portion of liquor, Margarita a bit sweet for our taste, but good); truffle fries (yummy - with a drizzle of truffle oil and parmesan on them, right out of the fryer); side salad - good, but a bit too much dressing - next time we ask for it on the side; cavatelli with sausage and arugula in a very fresh tomato sauce - yummy. Service was nice, informative but not intrusive. A pleasant wait at the bar until our table was ready. Menu looks fun, portions generous (couldn't finish the pasta, so that's lunch for Sunday). Desserts include house made ice creams. Would have liked to try basil chocolate chip, but was too stuffed. A nice addition to the local dining options. All that for $48 or so.

                                            Bon appetit!


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                                              I enjoy the Peanut Butter Calamari and the Coconut Ice Cream. Been a few times and it's always been good.

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                                                We've only been to Julianna's once so far but we definitely plan to go back!

                                                We had the Fried Calamari Thai Style which was delicious. My husband had a filet mignon which was cooked to perfection and was done to accommodate some special dietary needs. I had the Seafood "Mac & Cheese" which I am still salivating over. Finally, the homemade ice cream was to die for. We tried 2 flavors: pumpkin, which was perfect, not real sweet like it so often is, tasted just like fresh pumpkin; and chocolate glazed donut, which tasted exactly like a Dunkin' Donut- sounds weird but it was yummy!

                                                Very reasonable prices, with very friendly service the night we were there. Hard to find, but definitely worth the trip. http://www.juliannasonline.com/

                                                1. re: 2busymom

                                                  Thanks for this report! I'm looking for a new nice place to try for my birthday, and this might be the one.

                                                  1. re: 2busymom

                                                    what are the hours at this Julianna's? I checked out the website but not all their info is on there yet (I do know exactly where it is though)

                                                2. There's also Taromina, Susan's and Division St. Grill in Peekskill and I think Olivers is still there for a nice view and an ok meal (go on a nice day and sit outside). Tutte Benne and Justin Thyme in Croton on Hudson and Little Sorrento's and Josephines both out on Route 202, not sure if that's considered Cortlandt or Yorktown.

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                                                    Oliver's is now Henry's on the Hudson. My husband stopped in and said it's pretty good -- "some of the best wings he's had in a while" (whatever that says). But we're going tonight so I'll let ya'll know.


                                                    1. re: marieber

                                                      Nearly a year later - did you ever get to Henry's? Another Chow person is asking about them, but I've not eaten there...

                                                      1. re: Nancy C

                                                        I've never been there and I checked their menu and they do not have wings on them (see Marie's earlier post).

                                                  2. For takeout there is a place under new management (same old name) in the Beach Shopping Center (Route 6, Peekskill) called Nonna's. I've really liked everything we've tried, including but not limited to the pizza. Good chicken scarpiella, marsala, chicken parm, meatballs, soups -- very positive. This is definitely our Italian takeout for now on.

                                                    Susan's is our favorite Division St. restaurant, Ruben's has pretty good food but the service is generally lousy. Zeph's of course, is excellent.

                                                    Justin Thyme has been mentioned and has a great pub menu -- well above and beyond your usual, huge menu something for everyone, including great salads, great burgers, and nice people.

                                                    Bella Vita -- I think the food is good, but I had a bad experience with their ethics -- charged an unwarranted $40 for a "special" -- I should have asked, but there was no reason to expect such exuberance in this modest place. Won't be back.

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                                                      I was underwhelmed with Bella Vita, there is a pizzeria down the street from there that I think has better food for a whole lot cheaper, La Villetta (across the street from the Cortlandt Town Center) has pretty good food and also there is a fairly new place up across from the diner (I think) it's called Leonardo's, it's in a little shopping area whrere there is a Dunkin Donuts. Also for Mexican try Tenampa on Montrose/Croton border on 9A

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                                                        I hate places that charge ridiculous prices for specials without telling you. Got burned on that once at Mirragio in Yorktown. I *always* ask prices now. I don't care if it makes me seem cheap.

                                                        I have a restaurant.com coupon for Bella Vita that I need to use. La Villetta is good, and they have huge portions at very reasonable prices, but I was underwhelmed by their runny tomato sauce.

                                                        1. re: marieber

                                                          Regarding Susan's -- I think it is a different restaurant now, I'm pretty sure I saw an ad or something somwhere touting a place on Division street that was formerly known as Susan's....

                                                          1. re: valerie427

                                                            It's called 12 Grapes now, and I hear the food is still as mediocre as always.

                                                            1. re: marmite

                                                              i couldn't possibly disagree more!

                                                              i've been to 12 grapes (12grapes.com) 12 times in the last 12 weeks (yeah, the repeated number looks contrived, but it's not off by more than 1 or 2). and, while i've also been to at least a few of the conventionally-regarded-best restaurants in westchester over the years -- zeph's, stone barns, iron horse, trotter, xaviers (h20, garrison (extinct), and piermont, tho the latter 2 don't exactly qualify as "westchester") -- there's no place i'd rather go to than this great new gustatory addition in peekskill.

                                                              the food is excellent and quite reasonably priced, the owners and staff are friendly and courteous to a fault, the decor and ambience superb, and the consistently outstanding live jazz / blues / rock'n'roll doesn't get any better -- at least, not anywhere that i know of in this county, nor within a significant radius thereof. and if you don't care for the musical genre being offered on any given evening (check their events page to find out what's coming up), it in any case generally won't start rolling until 9pm-ish, so there's plenty of time for quiet conversation over dinner if you schedule accordingly.

                                                              12 grapes
                                                              peekskill, ny, peekskill, ny

                                                        2. Nona's in the beach is great. Pizza & dinners! Susans is now 12 grapes great renovation good food, service spotty. Ocean House is my favorite- I go at 5 to put our names on the list and then go to Zetinyas for fruit.