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Sep 10, 2006 02:55 PM

Good place for dinner for 12-15 night before wedding early October?

Hi all could use your collective wisdom. I'm getting married (!) October 8th and I need help to think of a fun and not too expensive place for dinner to invite all the out of towners to when they arrive on Saturday. Have already considered Chinese and even pizza. Guests are all middle aged and above (as am I!). Many guests are staying in Cambridge, I live in Roslindale, so am considering JP, Brookline or Cambridge as the best bets. Easier parking would be appreciated, as would a convivial atmosphere. Thanks for you help!
PS Wedding at Oleana - can't wait to have the meal there!!!!

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  1. Don't know your price point but check out Rendezvous in Central Sq website. Great food. Moderate prices. Lively atmosphere and cheap parking in gargae behind it on Green st

    1. How about Sorriso Trattoria? My friend had her engagement party there and I must say they did a great job. They did a variety of appetizers and pasta dishes as well as some pastries for dessert & everyone really loved it. Sorriso is over by South Station on South Street.

      1. Also, (though I haven't been there), a friend of mine does a lot of events at Brasserie Jo and has raved about how great it's been.