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Sep 10, 2006 12:53 PM

Help me in the northern Florida Keys please.

I've done a search here and get the Key Largo reccomendations. I'm having trouble with the Tavernier ones. I know Tavernier is a part of Key Largo and also a part of Plantation Key, right? So is the Old Tavenier place in Key Largo or Plantation? Which, if any of these spots are in the Plantation Tavernier? I believe my hotel is there, not the larger, busier Key Largo. Haven't been to the keys in almost ten years and last time didn't stop in Plantation Key. Aren't there any more restaurants/bars in Tavernier other than the Old Tavernier Restaurant or whatever it's called?

Also, are there any local grocery/farmers market type places that may have really good stuff? Bakeries for key lime pie?

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  1. We spent some time in Islamorada earlier this year and had some of the best meals of our life there!! Marker 88 stands out as the best of the best! The outdoor area is actually situated on the beach and is so romantic. They sometimes have local entertainment. The food was by far the most creative, fresh ingredients, great service and the best key lime pie (we tried at least 8 different types while in Key West & Islamorada). BTW.... if I remember correctly, Marker 88 is on the border of Islamorada & Tavernier. You won't be disappointed!!

    Another recommendation would be the Island Grill (somewhere around MM82??). Enjoy your trip!