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Sep 10, 2006 11:02 AM

Pancakes place like "Original Pancakes" in Chicago

Our family just came back from a long weekend in Chicago and we stayed across the street from "Original Pancakes" on E. Bellvue. We ate there twice and had all sorts of amazing pancakes -- Swedish, Dutch, banana pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, baked pancaskes with apples on them -- all were fantastic. I've never seen a place like that in NYC, but haven't really searched them out either. Anyone have ideas on if and where this kind of variety is available in Manhattan or Brooklyn? My children thank you.....

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  1. Chicago brunches are completely different than NYC brunches. NYC invests more into lunch-type items, and the savory section, while Chicago invests heavily in both savory and sweet, and does not really include lunch type items at all.

    I would say that the one of the places that has the same amt of creativity as Chicago brunch joints is Norma's in Le Parker Meridien (but at a price!). Norma's might actually be able to commpete with Orange and Bongo Room in Chicago. But other than that, the other place in NYC that tries maybe is Sarabeth's but their sweet section is a bit limited with 4-5 items (2 more inventive, 2 standard, according to menupages), but their savory section does a fair amount.

    In the burbs, there might be a pancake house that would be comparable to the Original Pancake House in Chicago...

    1. Please note that further discussion about the Original Pancake House has been moved to our Chains board. You can find the thread here:

      1. This post is about seeking places in NYC that might approach what the Original Pancake House in Chicago serves. It is not about OPH (I had no idea that there was more than one....). I don't understand why it was relegated to the board on "chains".

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          Your part of the discussion is still here on the Manhattan board (as your second posting demonstrates). The strictly OPH part is over on the "chains" board.

        2. I just returned to Brooklyn from a visit to Milwaukee and fell in love with the Original Pancake House there. I too was thinking how much I wish NYC had such a place! I am a former Chicagoan and always thought the brunches there at places like the Bongo Room and Mas were far superior to anything I've ever had here!! If anyone knows of anything even remotely comparable to the Original Pancake House here in NYC, I second the first poster in wanting to know about it!

          1. Were you aware that there's an OPH across the river in Fort Lee NJ?

            Otherwise, I think you are out of luck. There's a IHOP up in Harlem (avoid on Sundays when the church ladies take over) and of course, there are the various homestyle pancake places in the city like Friend of the Farmer and Good Enough to Eat. But nothing with the variety of international style pancakes like OPH that I know of. Sullivan St Diner has dutch style pancakes.

            For a NY take, take your kids to Shopsin's. Pricey but Kenny makes all sorts of unusual pancake combinations. He was closed for vacation, but he may have opened back up again.