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Sep 10, 2006 10:47 AM

Kyoto - Cheap Eats?

I'm visiting Kyoto and I'm looking for good cheap eats. We'll eat anything that's good and care more about the food than the atmosphere (although nice atmosphere is always a bonus to good food!)

Please make any and all suggestions depending on your interpretation of "cheap" in Kyoto, not mine.


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  1. My hubby and I walked along the main shopping strip (sorry can't recall the name - it wasn't a covered street) and found a place in a basement. It was a pub style place where you could order multiple small dishes of yummy food. There was pretty much no English spoken - we found out later that booze came free with the meal, depending on what you order...DEAL!

    Here is a web site from the flyer we picked up from the restaurant:

    If you understand the language it will help you out. Otherwise I'm sorry! The other places I would recommend for cheap take out are the basements of the major department stores. Gosh I wish they had those in Toronto!

    Good luck and bon appetite

    1. At the top of the train station there is a food fair like the ones in malls in North America. It's fast food but some things are good. Especially if you just want an ice cream. There is also a hallway of sitdown restaurants. The tempura place was good. They let us point at fresh food then delivered it the moment it was cooked. There is also a branch of a tonkatsu specialty chain. They have a great selection.

      Department stores are your friend. The basements have already been mentioned. The public washrooms are cleaner than those in the subway and they usually have restaurants at the top.

      1. A few suggestions:
        * Owariya: very old soba shop (
        )* Buttercups: Very cheap cafe on kawabata...hard to find but great mexican rice, tacos and sandwiches (look at the kyoto visitors guide)
        * Omen: Noodle shop that makes its own noodles near the golden pavillion