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Sep 10, 2006 08:36 AM

Sweet Lady Jane cakes now at Gelson's in Century City

Just a heads up! :-)

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  1. Ahh....all the sugar, 1/2 the attitude!

    Sorry (couldn't help myself)

    1. Which flavor would you recommend?

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      1. re: Pei

        I like their chocolate cakes, especially the almond rocca. I don't find the yellow cakes, especially a popular triple berry, any particularly impressive.

        1. re: chica

          How funny, I find her Berry Cake the best. But they all so sweet and a bit dense. I perfer the cakes at Susina (Service is a little better there too!) But for Gelsons it is a step up...


      2. What I need to know is if they are selling her Lemon Meringue tarts. Oooh pure heaven!

        1. only at the Gelson's in Century City?

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