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Any good potato chips that are baked rather than fried?

What little experience I've had with baked potato chips has not been pleasant.

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  1. That's funny. Just tonight I tried Kettle Brand's new baked chips.


    My girlfriend and I are nuts for their fried chips. These were also very good. Certainly worth a try and they have 65% less fat.

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      I love them. Great flavor. Almost as good as fried. About as close as you can get.

    2. Most baked potato chips are made of chopped and formed potatoes rather than slices. That's why they're so awful. I don't know about the Kettle ones, though.

      1. The Kettle baked chips are made from regular potato slices. Not the Pringle-ish type like Baked Lays. (which I do also enjoy)

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          Kettle has been making baked chips for years - at least six. They used to be called "Kettle Krisps". They are baked sliced of potato that taste like, well, real potato. They are very crispy, with a good "snap", unlike the Lay's-type baked chips.

          The new "Bakes" is a new recipe with a little more fat (and flavor?) than the old recipe. I swear the old BBQ flavor was a Mesquite BBQ, not honey-BBQ, but I may be wrong. They had a nice balance of sweet, tangy and salty. I could easily polish off a whole bag for lunch. The salted ones are also nice. Simple, full potato flavor without the greasiness of a standard chip or the slightly-styrofoam-like texture of an "engineered" baked chip.

          I haven't tried the new ones, yet, but expect they are as good or better than the old version.

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            I tried the Hickory Honey Barbecue and the Lightly Salted varieties of Kettle Bakes. Great texture with both. Didn't care for the taste of the Lightly Salted. The Hickory Honey Barbecue is pretty decent though--not too sweet(that from someone who thinks the plain baked Lays are too sweet along with their other failings.)

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            I liked the Baked Lays, but then I also used to eat Subway Subs and the chips came with the meal.


          3. The Guiltless Gourmet are pretty good.

            1. thats like asking for good french fries that are baked instead of fried (preferably in beef fat)

              1. Make your own - slice potatoes paper thin, brush with oil, and nuke for 8-12 minutes (keep a close eye so they don't burn - but they will turn golden). Salt to taste.

                I was a doubter, but this changed my life.

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                    Oh yes, the microwave. On high.
                    I know, hard to believe. But test it out with one potato and you'll see.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Are you answering for piccola, Robert? (I'm confused.)

                    1. re: ognir

                      I think he is saying there are not any good baked chips.
                      Only the microwave can "nuke" something, or am I wrong?

                      1. re: mimolette

                        I don't believe there are any good baked potato chips.

                        I had some that were done fresh in a high-intensity light oven. They weren't awful, but I'd rather eat slices of boiled potato.

                        1. re: Robert Lauriston

                          I see.

                          Have you tried the Kettle baked, Robert?

                          1. re: Robert Lauriston

                            I think so, but I'll give them another shot to make sure.

                            I find the concept ill-conceived--the healthiest part of a potato chip is the oil.

                    2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm trying some dietary changes to relieve a minor digestive problem, and baked potato chips were one of the approved snack foods.

                      1. Not to be redundant but, the microwave method is very good, and the baked Kettle chips are great - good potato flavor.

                        1. At the risk of being a tiresome old stick-in-the-mud, I'll assert that a potato chip is by definition a fried thin slice of potato, preferably with little grease bubbles dotting its surface...or is that giving too much away?

                          And its purpose is to stand in for French fries when you can't have those.

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                            I am not much of a baked potato chip fan, but I've found a great chip out there that really tastes like it was traditionally fried. It's Ruffles Baked Cheddar chips. Really really good. Be careful as there is a regular Ruffles Cheddar Chips, and these are traditional chips loaded with fat, something like 14g per serving. The baked ones, however, have around 5g fat for the whole bag (i'm talking about one small bag, enough for 1 person), and really are delicious.

                            I'd like to try the Kettle Baked chips, though I haven't seen them anywhere around here (I'm in Boston.)

                            As for Lays baked chips, sure, they are fine for what they are, but I'll never be fooled into thinking I was eating a real potato chip. The Ruffles Baked Cheddar really could pass for the real thing. I wish they'd make 'em in some other flavors, like salt and vinegar, mmm....

                          2. What's with this new sunflower oil style Lay's potato chips? They've spoiled the taste. I can really tell the difference. How can we get them to change back? This is like the Classic Coke fiasco some years ago.

                            1. Soy chips! They're not potato chips, I realize, but the flavoring is great and you still that crunch that you probably like from potato chips. Plus they're so low-calorie.

                              I like Glenny's soy chips (ranch, nacho, sea salt) and most of the other brands are equally as good (Glenny's is usually on sale at the grocery store).

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                                Glenny's Cheddar and Lightly Salted flavors are great.

                              2. baked cheetos are awesome. In a pinch Baked Doritos Nachos and Cool Ranch, but baked cheetos are almost as good as the original.

                                I didn't care for the Kettle Brand baked chips. It was like eating cardboard.

                                1. Tried all that stuff on a stupid diet recently - am so happy to have WIZE potato chips available to help break a diet--just cannot beat them !

                                  1. I haven't found any. Lay's are edible but I don't think they compare to real chips. Kettles baked are really hard and crunchy--they cut up the inside of my mouth. I'm really picky. I'd rather eat less of the real thing than more of the baked. I might give the home made microwave ones a try, though!