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Sep 10, 2006 03:26 AM

visiting Italy soon

I am visitng Italy in october, Rome, florence, Tuscany and Venice. Any restaurant suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We had dinner at "Costanza" on Piazza Navona, filled with locals, really good food. Where in Tuscany?? Just spent a day trip in Venice. Be careful, "due" espresso cost 22 E.

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        Were you sitting down when you ordered the two espressos? Coffee costs almost 4 times as much if you don't stand at the bar.

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          cant imagine where you had that pricy espresso - in the Piazza San Marco? Venice isnt cheap and its soaking tourists more and more, witness the cost of riding vaporetti down the grand canal, but normal coffee bar prices continue in effect(standing at the bar)OP, what kind of experience are you looking for? Delicious non-touristic local food? upscale? pizza? seafood?

          October is great for apples/pears/grapes, fresh mushrooms, game, new olive oil, its not hot and a great time to visit italy.

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            Your fault. I pay in Venice exactly 90 cent for an espresso at the bar at one of the great old pasticcerias, exactly twenty steps behind St.Marks Square:
            With the espresso, take one of the paste (80 cents each) or tramezzini (not much more), and feel like a real Venetian

          2. You will probably get more useful responses if you narrow your question, such as best pizza in Rome or non-seafood options in Venice or what's open on a Sunday in Florence or whatever. Also there are tons of posts you can find doing a simple search.

            I will give you our favorites in Rome, Florence and Venice:

            Rome: Orso 80 for their amazing house special mixed antipasto, which is so huge and varied and delicious it’s unlikely you’ll want anything else. (Via Orso, near Umberto Bridge, closed Mondays.) Da Giggetto (next to Portico D’Ottavia in the old Jewish ghetto, also closed Mondays) for Jewish-style fried artichokes and stuffed zucchini blossoms. Or Piperno, also in the old ghetto, for much more upscale Jewish-style specialties.

            Florence: Taverna del Bronzino for a very special meal (closed Sundays). Trattoria Marione for a crowded, inexpensive but delicious meal, especially pasta (best pasta with meat sauce I’ve ever had). Also Nerone at the Mercato Centrale for cheap and delicious. Coffees at the stand-up bar in the Mercato Centrale are the cheapest we found in town.

            Venice: Osteria Giorgione (Canneregio, calle dei Proverbi) a very small, simple establishment with excellent food, especially branzino (Mediterranean sea bass). Harry's Dolci, across in Giudecca for amazing cannelloni. Vini da Gigio (Canneregio, near Ca’ D’Oro). Ai Gondolieri (behind the Peggy Guggenheim) an elegant establishment serving amazing meat dishes (unusual for Venice). Reservations recommended for all of these and none is cheap or even moderate.

            Have a great trip and please post a report when you return – it adds greatly to the general knowledge!

            1. I second Taverna del Bronzino in Florence. We had a wonderful meal there and also liked Cibreo. If you're roaming around near Montepulciano, try a meal at La Chiusa in Montefollonico. I have lovely memories of our dinner there - or one of the small places in Pienza is another good choice.

              1. in florence, go to piazza santo spirito. there's one side that has a market on the corner(sorry i am horrible with names of places), then a restaurant with seating just outside. go to that restaurant. there's another one past the gelato place with seating on the other side of the sidewalk, dont go there. or around the corner on the other side of the mini market os a sandwich place. cheap~!!!!!

                ******the best sandwiches of all time:

                The Oil Shoppe- you have to go to this place! cheap too! 3Euros!!!! its on Via San Edigio. OH MAN!!! go on the backside of the DUomo, and go toward the hospital, pass the hospital,toward/amost to the end of the street and you'll see a line out the door usually. its on the same side as the hospital! its incredible....

                when you get to the front of the line, they ask you which bread. the square wheat one goes fast, and its yummie, but the focaccia is incredible. the baguette is nice also. then they has you which meat. they have about 20+ different meats to choose from. then tey slice the meat for you and then they ask you which "vegetables"....these are the choices i remember:

                lettuce-over there its cabbage
                sun dried tomato
                white onion
                red bell peppers (roasted)
                THEN CHEESE.......

                smoked gouda
                fresh asiago
                smoked asiago
                goat cheese
                3 different kinds of mozzarella
                (there are more, i know it, but i cant remember off the top of my head)

                THEN SPREADS......
                you can have them put just olive oil and its like 30yr old balsamic or......

                my favorite: apple mustard (it has a little spicy kick to it)
                black truffle

                so, anything on the sandwich you like, with one choice of meat, and its incredible. for only 3 Euros, all the american students (like me) knew and knows about this place. the owner is this large italian man (i think he's italian ) and he's also the teacher at the Culinary Institute of Florence which is where you can also take day cooking lessons as a tourist!!!!!
                please, go to the sandwich place!!!!! lemme know!!!!