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Sep 10, 2006 02:30 AM

Best Brunch in the East Bay

Friends from NYC are here. Where to take them for the Best Sunday Brunch? Berkeley, Albany Oakland, Alameda - even San leandro/Hayward- if we have to

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  1. do you mean brunch buffet? or just a nice place to have brunch?

    1. My favorite brunch in the East Bay is 900 Grayson, but they're closed on Sundays. Sundays I'll opt for Eccolo, but you have to be willing to pay for quality there (the eggs beny is $14 but the ham is fricking incredible and the hollandaise is perfect). One nice thing about Eccolo is you can hit up Sketch Ice Cream across the street for dessert. I'm not a fan of the usual suspects like Rick and Anns, Bettes, etc.

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        I was more think of places like Luka's , Mamma royal cafe?
        meal ticket?

      2. Really, NOT Mamma's Royal Cafe. I'm not that enamoured with Meal Ticket either ... not enough to take visitors.

        Luka's (though I haven't been) seems the best of what you mentioned.

        One of my favorites is Kennsington Bistro ... especially those Sunday-only scones.

        T-Rex has a pretty good, if pricy brunch, and it is not crazy-crowded like most places.

        1. I actually love Rick and Ann's bruch - their potato pancakes and french toast are couple of my favorites.

          I'm also a fan of Jimmy Bean's at 6th and Gillman (very good Eggs B. -get extra cilantro pesto!), The waffles and eggs at Guerilla Cafe on Shattuck are always good but it's not a "special" sunday brunch atmosphere, and while I havn't been people also seem to like the nearby La Note.

          My all time favorite sunday brunch, and I think a good way to show off the bay to visitors, is the thai buddhist brunch on MLK.

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            Yeah, but Jimmy Bean's is kind of downscale, serve-yourself. Mayge I'll give those eggs benedict a try someday but JB is WAY down on my own list of places to eat ... tho I love almost every other Lalimes restuarant ... T-Rex still is auditioning for my favor. Guerilla is just waffles and poached eggs and sort of like eathing at Cafe Fanny ... there's an idea if you want to go the self-serve route ... and Acme bread next door and a wine shop. Get the caramel ice cream if they have it.

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              La Note is really good, but if the weather's nice my favorite is Wat Mongkolratanaram.

              Haven't tried Luka's brunch yet but everything I've had there has been great.

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                I think the Thai Cultural Center Brunch is very Berkeley/Bay Area and has a high hip factor as an experience but find the actual food only okay. The food is definately not bad if it were served in a restaurant, not sure it would cut it. Dining however is half the experience and in that sense it's unique and it can't be duplicated in the U.S. that's for sure.

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                  The papaya salad's better than any I've had in a Thai restaurant and I've never seen the wonderful coconut-chive dumplings on a menu.

                  Some of the steam-table stuff's probably not as good as if it were made fresh in the restaurant that donated it.

              2. We had brunch at Luka's a few weeks ago, and it was the best brunch I've had in recent memory. I had the eggs Luka - scrambled with smoked trout and chives - with real grits that were perfect and good toast. Others at my table had ham & cheese crepes with eggs on top (I snuck a bite, they were quite good) oxtail hash (delicious) and veggie scramble. I would go back anytime. The coffee was pretty good, too and prices pretty reasonable. The only thing that didn't seem worth it were the beignets - nothing wrong with them really, but everything else was so good and they just didn't excite me for some reason.