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Sep 10, 2006 01:54 AM

Child friendly restaurant to celebrate an adult birthday

I am looking for a place for an early dinner Sunday night that we can bring 3 kids to (1, 6, & 8). I don't want to go to a kiddie place and loathe taking kids to a restuarant where they could disturb someone elses dining experience. My brother's birthday is September 11 and he has gotten the raw deal on his birthday for the last five years for obvious reasons...

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  1. Are you willing to consider a Chinese or Korean banquet?

    1. Landmarc in Tribeca. Kid-friendly, solid food (not amazing, but solid), well-priced wine list.

      1. Via Emilia has always been very kid-friendly. I often saw families with babies and very young children at the old location. When we had dinner at their new location, on 21st St., just west of Park Av. S., a few nights ago, I asked one of the staff if that was still the case, and he said they're more popular than ever with families. Unlike the old place, this space is larger, the decor is colorful (the other's was drab), and the seating is more comfortable. Happily, the food remains delicious.

        Here's wishing your brother a very Happy Birthday!

        1. Depending on what you want, Fred's on Amsterdam and 83rd could be a good choice. The food is better-than-decent American stuff. The staff is VERY friendly. It's not food to write home about, but it's a long long way from McDonalds, Applebees, Chuckee Cheese or whatever.

          But if you supply more detail about what you want and where you want it, I might have other suggestions.

          1. I have always had good luck with kids at Otto. Food is good enough for the grownups (great wine list, too) and the kids like the pizza and gelato.