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Sep 10, 2006 01:33 AM

the open air market on the beach channel??

ok i seriously need help with this i am new to miami and have been watching the beach channel to get ideas on places to check out -i recently saw a segment with a pretty young lady at a market and was excited to know what market it was but they never mentioned it she instead interviewed some random chef or restauranteur or something -please assist me in finding this market-they seem to run the segment fairly often- teh lady had beautiful curly black hair and the market looked like mainly fruits and veggies -Thanks in advance -T

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  1. Haven't seen the beach channel, but there's a farmer's market on Normandy Circle (71st Street) on Saturdays and on Lincoln Road on Sundays. Others may disagree but I've never been overwhelmed by any cornucopia of genuine local produce at either of these. Typically a lot of flowers and tchotchkes and an occasional stand with some fruit and veg (which often as not appears to have been brought in from somewhere else by the crate rather than grown locally). I have not been in a while and would love to be corrected if my impression is wrong.

    Can't help you at all on the lady with beautiful curly black hair, sorry.

    1. Maybe if you remember the chef it could give us an idea? Depending on the chef it could've been the market on Lincoln Road or 71st St. on the beach, the market in Coral Gables or the one in Pinecrest. Just a caution though, don't get your hopes up on any of these. They're not the Union Square greenmarket, but some have interesting Florida only type things.

      1. I've seen what you're talking about. They're talking about the Coconut Grove Farmers Market. It's located at 3300 Grand Avenue. It's on a corner, opens Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. I recently visited it and wrote about it on I loved it. I believe the chef in the segment was Norman Van Aiken.

        1. thanks very much i willgo saturday and will report my finds - Thanks Terry