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Sep 10, 2006 01:11 AM

Latin Suggestions??

Hey guys , I am currently trapped in Miami til the end of the year but am already looking forward to getting back to NYC am looking for some great places in NYC for ceviche ,looking for a good fritanga anywhere in the 5 boros,and random other great Latin food -ropa vieja ,tres leche,marisco etc etc etc Thanks in advance -T will travel for good food

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  1. La Pollada de Laura on Northern Blvd. (102nd St, I believe) is often considered to have the best ceviche, and the widest sellection of it. Jackson Heights is also full of good Latin American food - Colombian, Ecuadorian and Uro-Argentine, as well as Mexican. Your post is so broad. If you search the board, you will find so many things. There is currently a thread about Taquería Coatzingo (although they call it Coatzinga), which many consider to have great Pueblan food.

    Meanwhile, don't consider yourself trapped in Miami. I've had such great food down there, both Cuban and Latin fusion. Enjoy and explore while you're there.