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Sep 10, 2006 12:53 AM

Best Pecan Pie?

just wondering what are some GREAT purveyors of Pecan Pie in NYC? Thanks...

I tried contactin Elysean Foods, but the phone/email doesn't seem to work...

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  1. The warm pecan pie with schlag (German whipped cream, not sure if I spelled it right) at Peter Luger's (both locations -- W'burg and Great Neck) is wonderful... Light crust, rich filling. Just great.

    1. i used to buy their chocolate cake all the time, but then i realized that I enjoyed their schlag more than the cake...haha...i asked them once how its made, wen i remember i'll post it up....hehe

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      1. My family always orders from the priester's pecans catalog. Really decadent pecan pie. My only compaint is that it's not spiked with a bit of bourbon :-)

        1. I remember the pecan pie at Sisters on 124th street being very good. Haven't been there in a while though.