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Sep 10, 2006 12:35 AM

Good Eats Near Pico & Barrington

Heading to that area for dinner soon and need some good suggestions.

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  1. If you like sushi, and can get in, Sushi Mori is on the corner of Pico and Gateway and has the best food in that immediate area, albeit also the most expensive. For Japanese noodles, Yabu (Southside of Pico) is decent. Upstairs 2 for wine and small plates is not too far away (on Cotner North of Pico). Il Moro is on Purdue between Pico and Olympic and offers good Italian. West of Bundy on Pico is the small plate place Violet. Although they have their detractors on the Board, Bombay Cafe (Northside of Pico near Bundy) is available for Indian, Chan Dara (across the street) for Thai, and Mr. Cecil's Ribs is a bit West of there on Pico.

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      I agree with Chan Dara.

      For after-dinner drinks try Liquid Kitty between Bundy and Barrington. There isn't a sign - it is just a neon martini/cigarette.

      1. For good authentic Mexican on the westside, there is La Talpa on Pico, in between Barrington and Bundy.

        I also like Tlapazola, mentioned above -- while the setting is modest, the food is more upscale. Just had an excellent roasted tilapia with a citrus sauce there about 3 weeks ago. Beer and Wine, big selection of tequilas as well.

        Also in that same minimall (corner of Ocean Park and Barrington) is Yokohama, which does pretty good ramen.

        Depending on your desire and/or ability to venture a bit east and north, you have the Sawtelle corridor, at Sawtelle and Olympic and several weeks' worth of good choices there. Lots of postings on this board about 2117, Kiriko, Sushi Tenn, Blue Marlin, et al.

          1. Tlapazola's food is good, but I'd like bigger portions.

            I'm a fan of Yokohama Ramen in the same strip mall.