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Best new restaurants in Boston?

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I've been meaning to try some of Boston's best new restaurants, but haven't been able to get out that much for awhile now...

In your opinion, what are the 5 best new restaurants that have opened in the past 6 months to 1 year?

Some names to get you started (some of these may be a bit older): ASSB, Zoes, Soulfire, Beacon Street Tavern, Sauciety, District, LTK, Avila, Eastern Standard, Neptune, Toro, Douzo, Oishii Boston, OM, Ten Tables, Butcher Shop, B&G, 28 degrees, Lineage, Great Bay, Ashmont grill, kolbeh of kabob, petit robert, green st, middlesex, stella, domani

Let the list-making begin.

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  1. I like Rendezvous (Cambridge, Central Square) a lot. And in my neighborhood (North End), La Galleria 33 and Eclano are excellent.

    1. It's been a pretty busy year for new restaurants. A few that I thought were good enough to return to a few times: Orinoco, La Brace, Taqueria El Amigo, Green Street, Rendezvous, Xinh Xinh, Toro (despite annoying service tics), Ashmont Grill.

      1. I agree with Rendezvous and Orinoco. I also enjoyed Sibling Rivalry and CK Shanghai in Wellesley.

        1. another yes to rendezvous. and though it's been open for more than a year, i also like ten tables.

          1. i'll follow the trend with rendezvous-- glad to see steve back in the mix.