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Sep 10, 2006 12:01 AM

Solano Stroll

for those interested... it's tomorrow

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  1. Has anyone been to this function in the past and can say what the experience is like, especially in regard to food?

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    1. re: Mick Ruthven

      Eh. Same food you'd find on Solano any other day. Lots of the restaurants have booths set up, but they're just serving street friendly items off the regular menu. It's a fine way to spend Sunday afternoon, but nothing worth going out of your way for.

      1. re: Mick Ruthven

        Don't expect too much, mostly buffet style and a lot of outside food vendor selling sausages, kabobs, lunch plates, roasted corn, kettle corn and more. It gets pretty crowded but the kids always seems to enjoy it.

        1. re: Mick Ruthven

          I went last year and the kids had a GREAT time. The parade is fun w/ the art cars and bands and all and the kids were thrown HUGE handfuls of candy. The food...? I felt like I could have been at a state fair anywhere. Lots of food on a stick and BBQ-type items. Aside from the La Farine table I was unable to find anything (on the street) that was decent. There was absolutely zero for vegetarians which I think is near to criminal given that a lot of Solano is in Berkeley. I finally had to feed the kids some barely decent apple pie from the Walker Pie shop table (glue-y, cold and no ice cream on the side, either, not that you'd want it w/ cold apple pie) which, when it hit the sugar from all the candy they'd eaten...Well, it was ugly. And if you think you're going to eat inside of (or get food from) any of the restaurants along the way, forget it. They were PACKED. I'm going for the parade and art cars, but I'm packing lunch and snacks.

        2. I haven't been, but in past years, Lao/Thai kitchen ... the Thai place that also serves Southern (USA) food, sells pralines during the Solano stroll. Always wanted to try that as I like the ribs and greens.

          1. I went today and was very pleasantly surprised by King Tsin's dim sum booth. I'm definitely not a connoiseur of dim sum, but this was one of the best bbq pork buns I've ever had, with very light, almost fluffy dough and nicely tangy filling. Perfect ratio of pork chunks, sauce, and bun. It was far superior to the much more densely doughy and very pork-poor bbq bun I had last week at a famous bakery in Chinatown whose name unfortunately escapes me. I've never had King Tsin's dim sum in the restaurant and am now tempted to go back and try a full meal of it.

            I also had a delicious, totally vegetarian potato and onion boreka (stuffed savory pastry) at the Sophia Cafe table. The pastry was flaky and crisp, not at all greasy. The inside was melt-in-your-mouth pureed potato with a lovely blend of spices.

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            1. re: Kitchen Imp

              Nice. I'll have to look more carefully (and w/ fully-fed kids) next year.

              1. re: MollyGee

                Sounds like you were in the top half of Solano. The more interesting food choices were in the bottom half.

            2. Had 2 things today - the above-described Boreka, as well as spareribs from the T-Rex booth - 3 decent ribs for $5. Messy, but very good.

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              1. re: lmnopm

                Those ribs were good, and better the next day as a leftover. But not close to a match to last year's little lamb chops with chimichurri sauce at Fonda (they used to be on the menu). They were closed by the time I got there at 3:30. I also sampled a good basil chicken at the Lao-Thai Kitchen (no pralines or soul food that I noticed) and so-so Chinese food from China Village.

              2. I love Sofia's falafel. Zands, up the street, also had vegetarian options. 6 degrees offered some little plates for $5. We had the basket of prawns. Six prawns and a piece of nice bread to sop up the lime-buttery juice. Pretty good. I've never been to 6 degrees for a meal so I don't know if the dishes were typical or a just-for-the-stroll thing. We also tried the ribs from the T-Rex booth and thought they were awfully fatty, though the sweet-spicy sauce was fine. Again, I've never had them at T-Rex and don't know if they are usually this fatty. If they are, I don't think I'd have them again. However, for $5 they weren't much of an investment.