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Sep 9, 2006 11:46 PM

LV Pre-Show Dinner at Mirage & Venetian

We are looking for a good dinner spot in the Mirage and Venetian for a pre-show meal. My first choices are STACK and The Grill at Valentino, respectively. Can anyone recommend any other places within the hotels, or within walking distance (no cabs or rental cars)? Thanks.

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  1. There are a bunch! It mostly depends on your budget, what time your show starts, and how far you're willing to walk. I'll limit the distance to one half mile from the Venetian.

    At the Venetian, Bouchon is very good. It's a fancy version of a French bistro, serving simple food prepared very well indeed. Another possibility, for the steak lover, is Delmonico. It's one of the better steak houses in town - and one of the more expensive.

    Just north of the Venetian is Wynn Las Vegas. Wynn has the finest collection of restaurants of any hotel in Las Vegas. The top two restaurants at Wynn (Alex and Bartolotta) will take too long for a pre-show meal, but there are still several possibilities. My first choice for pre-show would be Daniel Boulud, a French brasserie. It's casual, the food is very high quality, and there's even a prix fixe special aimed at show goers. I like it even more than Bouchon. For steak, SW Steakhouse is even better than Delmonico - and even more expensive. Want sushi? Okada is the best in town, and also offers very good non-sushi choices.

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      You defintely need to take into account when the show starts. If the show starts at 7, eat at the same hotel or just grab a quick bite and go somewhere nice afterwards. Post-show dining is more the thing in Vegas.

    2. For one of the top hotels in town, the Mirage really has horrible food. Another suggestion that I would make for the Venetian would be Pinot Brasserie. Try the roast chicken with pommes frites.

      1. Emeril's Delmonico Steakhouse is INCREDIBLE! To start, the ambience is relaxing, the service was down to earth, while at the same time professional-you feel like there's an army waiting on you hand and foot, but you don't feel intruded upon in the least. The food-stunning! Best steak I have ever had, easily. Can't eat at Outback since, cause once you have steak that good, you're spoiled. Everything at Emeril's was flawless-the Parmesan Truffle Chips were very delicate and tasty, the barbeque shrimp so rich and good yet simple, and I forced myself to eat dessert after eating an ap and a 22 oz steak because everything was so good! Prices weren't too bad, with apps, entrees, a couple drinks each, and my dessert, dinner for four was $75 pp.

        If you want to eat in Mirage, I'd try Onda. I have heard so many good things about it from people who have tried it.

        1. If you are trying to stick to Venetian, here is my take on things. I can not speak for the Mirage. They do not have a good choice of fine dining.

          Do not, I repeat, do not eat at the Grill at Valentino. It is NOT a restaurant that anyone can consider special by any means whatsoever. You can get the same exact food in any Italian restaurant anywhere in the US. And better for that matter. It also felt like a glorified diner inside - we were really disappointed all around with our meal there.

          I'd go to Cannaletto instead, also in the Venetian. MUCH better, also better atmosphere.

          Delmonico is as good as said aboe. Those Parmesan truffle chips are the bomb, even the leftovers the next day at room temp were delish. Great filet mignon. I would stick to steak tho - fish entress are good, not great. Go elsewhere for seafood, although they do it good in their appetizers.

          I also concur with the Bouchon rec. Never had a bad meal there but the service can be spotty. Sometimes you get treated like you're a king and queen. Othertimes, you have to beg to get noticed. However, on those times, if you make your displeasure known to the powers that be, it will be rectified quickly. But the food is worth the small occassional annoyance of less trained waitstaff.

          We like Pinot Brasserie a lot too. Very subdued. Very good solid food. You'll be happy with this choice. BTW, they have good breakfast here, a lot of people are not aware of this.

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            Thanks for the great tips, especially to avoid the Grill. It is nice to have a good resource before heading out. Both Pinot and Delmonico look great. Anyone know about Noodle Asia?

          2. Noodle Asia is quite good for what it is. It will certainly fit the bill in terms of your time requirements. I have had a few of the noodle soup" offerings, and I can recommend them all. It is not dissimilar from the one at Bellagio. Plus - you can peek into the sports book while you are eating and check on your $2 exacta box at Penn National!