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Sep 9, 2006 11:46 PM

Dad's birthday seafood

My dad's birthday is Wednesday, so we're all going out to dinner the following Sunday. My dad says he wants "good shrimp". We're in Chevy Chase, but are willing to drive for a reasonable distance to make my father happy. Is something in Annapolis or Baltimore the clear solution here? If so, what? Where can we get "good shrimp"?

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  1. Black Salt. More than shrimp easily, but they do good shrimp.

    1. In all honesty shrimp may not be the best thing to order on a Sunday. I would call ahead and ask whichever restaurant you choose if they get a Saturday or Sunday fish delivery but most DC/Suburb restaurants get a Friday fish delivery and it sits on ice for the whole weekend.

      That being said. The Clydes at Tower Oak has great shrimp and may get a weekend delivery.

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          Well, now he's thinking we can go on Saturday night (short notice, I know). Any place besides Clyde's?

          1. re: kallisti

            I think any of the upscale steak places will have "good shrimp". In the last couple of years, we've been out with my in-laws to Capitol Grille, The Prime Rib & Oceanaire and my mother-in-law always orders shrimp and is quite happy. I particularly remember that Capitol Grille had an excellent shrimp cocktail.

            1. re: kcm19

              I think the result is that we're going to Sea Catch on Saturday night. They have a shrimp entree, and were one of the only places I looked at (though admittedly I didn't look for hours) that did. I'll report back afterwards.

        2. Well, we went to sea catch, and it was really delicious. Appetizers: fried calamari, crabcake, grapefruit and hazelnut salad. Calamari was sprinkled with black sesame seeds and was much softer and less chewy than I've had at other places, served with a mango and salsa dip. Crabcakes were deeelicious, all the crabcake plates were cleaned. Grapefruit and hazelnut salad did have greens, it wasn't just the fruit and nuts, and was very good.

          Entrees: Rainbow trout with jumbo lump crab meat with corn and tomatos over tart greens, grilled jumbo shrimp, seafood linguini. Trout was good, the addition of the crabmeat on top elevated it to great. The grilled shrimp was reportedly very good though I didn't have any. The seafood linguini was raved about; it had scallops, shrimp, and crab and a great sauce.

          Dessert: key lime tart, vanilla creme brulee, chocolate divine cake. Key lime tart was very good, creme brulee was a bit more custardy and less smooth than I've had it typically but still very good, and the chocolate divine cake (flourless) was just that. Even the coffee was worthy of remark (in a positive way).

          The server was a little snooty, but was otherwise polite and extremely attentive. Water glasses were refilled with astonishing rapidity.

          All in all, a very very nice dinner, everyone was pleased. Thanks Chowhounds!