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Sep 9, 2006 11:25 PM

ShinJung Restaurant Mt. Prospect

I drive past this Korean BBQ several times a week. Anyone ever been there, and how is it?


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  1. I ate there for dinner once about 2 months ago 8/06.
    It's a buffet/bbq like Garden Buffet in the city. Food was decent.

    I forgot if they had wood chunks for the grilling.

    The kalbi is the LA strip style with the bone in. Thin cuts across all the bones as opposed to the big chunk.

    They also had the sam gyup sal uncured pork belly/bacon as well. Good fat/meat ratio on that.

    The side dishes were nowhere near as plentiful as Garden. About two steam tables worth.

    I think the cost was $19.95 per person for dinner.

    Their sign also had a lunch buffet for about $10, but no idea what's with that.

    Other good Korean restaurants I have eaten at in the Mt Prospect area cluster are:

    Cho Dang Dofu Tofu
    Algonquin Rd and Busse

    Kim's Korean Restaurant
    Algonquin Rd w of Busse
    this one is new

    Dan Dan
    Elmhurst Rd n of Algonquin

    Pusan Barbecue
    Elmhurst Rd n of Dempster

    Bowl BBQ
    Elmhurst Rd s of Algonquin

    I guess I should just post a complete new thread on all these other places

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