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Ina Garten's lemon cake

I would like to try Ina Garten's lemon cake. Her recipe calls for using two loaf pans. Can I substitute one bundt pan, and get the same result?

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  1. Bxgirl, I've made Ina's lemon cake probably five times, three of which were in a Bundt...

    Good luck!

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      Hawkeye - was wondering, have you ever tried freezing it? (without the glaze I would think).

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        Same timing or longer in the oven? Thanks...

      2. I love this lemon cake. I've made it several times in large batches and frozen it with great results.

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          Thanks - Good to know Ziggylu!

        2. it is SO GOOD. and very easy to make, too! i always use a bundt pan-- the pretty, sculpted kind you can find at Williams Sonoma and places like that.

          Grease and flour every nook and cranny of the pan. I bake at 350, and start watching it closely at 30 minutes. I think it ends up being closer to 45, but it's best to watch it to be sure.

          1. Can you post Ina Garten's Lemon Cake recipe? Thanks in advance.

            1. Here you go- I just had to look it up- I love everything lemon! I also took a look at Ina's sour cream coffee cake- that looks good, too- finished with a maple glaze.


              1. I use a Bundt pan as well. This cake gets such great raves from everyone in my family!!! I soemtimes make it "orange cake" as well. Enjoy , it is well worth making!!

                1. Thanks for all the responses. I did make the cake today and put it in the freezer for next weekend. I made it in the bundt pan and it looks and smells absoulutely delicious. It took a lot of discipline not ot cut into it and try it right away. But, it looks so nice that I wanted to keep it intact until Ipresent it to my guests!!!
                  Thanks for all the suggestions and support.

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                    bxgirl, how long did you bake it? Did you use the same temperature as directed?

                  2. I think I took it out after 40 minutes. I started checking after 30 minutes, as someone suggested, and at 40 minutes it looked done. I think my oven is a bit cool. so I baked it, for the most, part at 350 and then ramped it up to about 375, after the 30-minute check.

                    1. As a rule, I follow Ina's complete directions with BAKING & she's never lead me astray. Some of her methods &/or ingredients seem exorbitant, but in my expereince, her way has always been the best "baking" way.

                      My personal favorite is Ina's coconut cupcake recipe - they're extraordinary!

                      1. I know it's 2 years later, but I'm wondering if Chowhounders can advise how I could make this into cupcakes. Thank you!

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                          I actually like this idea - cupcakes for the lemon cake. I would prep as the recipe calls and bake for 20 minutes - check - then pull right before "cooked."
                          Personally, I would not use cupcake wrappers - but grease/flour cupcake tins.