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Sep 9, 2006 11:04 PM

Best Fish and chips in San Diego

My Dad is visiting and loves fish and chips. Where is the best place for it? We are in Carmel Valley, so San Diego, or North County would both work. We have been to Point Loma Seafoods, but it will be closed by the time we get there for dinner. Is Fish House Veracruz any good for fish and chips, or Bluewater grill?

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  1. Sophie - I'm linking to a thread from back in March, but current enough to get things started.

    1. Try the Shakespearepub on India Street. It has a fun crowd and the F & C are really good. The princess on India Street in Little Italy is good too.

      1. As far as I remember, The Fish House Veracruz doesn't have fish and chips. I believe they don't have a deep fryer at all. *sidenote: I enjoy the fish tacos there, which come grilled. They're good, very fresh. You can pick any fish off the menu (yes, the daily menu) and they are extra yummy if you ask for them cajun style w/ a side of their mango salsa.

        I've eaten at both Penny Lane and Churchill's (both on San Marcos Blvd.) and both were good, but I wouldn't say the best ever. One distinction for Penny Lane however is that they also serve coconut battered fish, which is a delicious change from the usual coconut shrimp.

        1. Not what you'd think of as a fish 'n chips spot, The Fishery on Cass in PB does a good job. Real french fries (not frozen), impeccably fresh moist fish, nice exterior crunch. Around $13 if memory serves. Also a nice seafood combo.


          1. The Field Irish pub in the gaslamp downtown has some great food and the overall ambiance is fun; dark, two story. It's been a couple of years since I've been there, but my husband and I remember the food as being particularly tasty. Though we haven't had them, F&C are among their signature dishes. Might be worth a try; anyone had them? Also, might want to try the Fish Market restaurant downtown. It's about a block north-west of Seaport Village, on the water, near to where the cruise liners dock. They have great fish and sushi--it's likely they have great F&C, too. Again, anyone know?