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Sep 9, 2006 11:02 PM

Butterscotch pudding to go? Chasing a dream...

So, as I'm sure some of you reading this do the same, I sometimes dream about food. A lot of sometimes, I guess. Often in very detailed ways, and I'm usually laughing at the absurdity of it all when I wake up, while craving whatever it was I dreamt of.

I had a recent nighttime visit of visions of a counter where I ordered little, little cups of the most amazing butterscotch pudding, basically pot de creme like in intensity. The counter may well have sold other things, but I was there for the puddding. I bought two cups, paid a lot for them, but that was just fine. It's hard to imagine a pudding only shop, but with the success of Pinkberry, perhaps one is not far off!

So - does a great spot where I might stand in line for a little cup of pudding actually exist? I'm intrigued, and would drive quite a ways if needed. I suppose a short drive to chase a dream is pretty cheap.

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  1. it isn't a stand, but firefly in south pasadena has pudding and cookies on the dessert menu all the time, and i believe butterscotch is among their offerings. give them a call ahead of time and i'm sure they'd help you out.

    1. Both JAR and Ford's Filling Station have very good butterscotch puddings (JAR, alas, only as a periodic special) and might be persuaded to prepare them to go.

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        I actually have gotten Ford's butterscotch pudding to go. It retains its oval shape with whipped topping the whole ride home, in its white box.

      2. Susie Cakes on San Vicente in Brentwood stocks three kinds of pudding.

        At 6PM tonight, they were well stocked with the chocolate and the banana with nilla wafers. However, they were sold out of the butterscotch toffee. When I asked if it was as sold out as it appeared to be (secret stash?), the counter person replied, "yeah, and it's the best flavor."

        Susie, two feet away, blanched at the unintentional taunt, and then sold us into some chocolate. It was $4. It's in my fridge. I have to go.

        1. Try the butterscotch tapioca pudding available in the take out at Whole Foods. I did not like it at first, but then found it growing on me. it is not like the creamy tan butterscotch pudding which was a childhood favorite. It has a more light and firm consistency, and the flavor is very rich and has a nice carmelized sugar hint to it.

          1. Thanks - it's a good list so far, but mostly sit down restaurants. How about a bakery or cafe with rocking pudding? Anyone know about Susina, Sweet Lady Jane or a similar spot doing something special?