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Sep 9, 2006 10:43 PM

Maple Syrup for Pancakes

How do people jazz up maple syrup for pancakes? In a saucepan, I heat maple syrup, a splash of unfiltered apple juice and brandy or rum, and butter. Delicious!

What do you do?

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    1. re: tuqueboy

      I second that! I love the organic full maple mid-amber maple from T.J.'s. Such a rich maple flavor. I pour it on my oatmeal in the morning. YUM

      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        Yeah, that was my reaction too. Huh? I just paid top dollar for the best maple syrup I could find, and I should mess with it?

        If I hadn't been raised on blueberry pancakes (I put so many bluerries in them, my son calls them pancake blueberries) with buttermilk and maple syrup, maybe I'd feel differently. Ok, my mom didn't make them that way, but I do.

        Ok #2. I think there are some uses (pancakes are not on the list) where you could get creative. I had a dish in a restaurant a few years back with maple syrup, foie gras, some kind of squash, etc. which was good stuff. But in my kitchen, monkeying with maple syrup has not happened to date...

        1. re: Chris Weber


          Just came from T.J.'s. Bought another bottle of M.S. - Organic grade B. I will brush onto my strip of fresh Salmon then mesquite BBQ on my grill. Will include maple glazed squash, a green something-probably spinach and Swedish Blini. YUM! :)KQ

          1. re: Chris Weber

            I agree, you can't improve maple syrup.

            However, "top dollar for the best maple syrup" is something of a contradiction in terms. The best is grade B, which is perversely slightly cheaper than the less flavorful grade A.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              If you say the best is grade B, which it is, then what I said was I pay top dollar for the best grade B.

              I paid $42 for my last batch of grade B. I could find other grade B for less elsewhere. "A" has nothing to do with discussions of the best.

        2. re: tuqueboy

          I agree...why jazz up perfection. I like grade-b syrup which is a stronger taste.

        3. Exactly! Though I suppose rum, raisin, butter and pecans would go well if drizzling over some banana-nut pancakes!


          1. I use grade b maple syrup exclusively, and on pancakes (when I have them) I just use it plain.

            But, I do mix it with cocoa powder and add coffee for a sort-of-a mocha. Does that count?

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            1. re: bruce

              It counts :)
              I agree with Grade B--love the intense flavor.

            2. I believe most anything can take a pinch of cayenne on occasion

              1. Well I don't know why anyone would mess with MS for pancakes, I agree with Kirk. Some cayenne (Or any hot sauce) is fantastic mixed with MS. Sweet heat can't be beat.