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Sep 9, 2006 10:21 PM

Trattoria della Nonna (Mansfield)

HiddenBoston has a nice mention of this spot on Main Street in Mansfield. We're thinking of checking it out next week. HB - if you read this post, can you tell me more about it, and has anyone else been recently? Thanks in advance

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  1. I'd love to know if you go here. Now that my daughter is going to school at Wheaton College in Norton we come up periodically and it would be great to know some good restaurants n the area.

    1. I haven't been in a few years, but at the time (and maybe it's changed) -- I wasn't impressed. I thought the chef was trying to create food that was beyond him a little. And while I appreciate TRYING...if he can't get it right, and charging me a significant amount, then it's not worth it. The real thing that kept me from coming back moreso than the food, was the service! The attitude there (again, at the time) was outrageous, and that includes the wife who runs the front of the house. It felt as if they were doing ME the favor of taking my $100+ bucks for dinner. No thanks.

      For that kind of $, I'd pick Coriander in Sharon, which is 10x more professional in their execution. Fabulous.

      All that being said, I'd love to hear from anyone who's been more recently. Maybe they've improved things?? I do wonder how they've stayed open... there's no "buzz" about them in the area.

      1. Thanks for the input - we're going to have dinner on Friday, and I'll be sure to report back!

        1. We went last Spring and the food was very good. I had the fruit di mare (sp?) and throughly enjoyed it. I remember that one person in our group had the risotto of the day but don't remember what the others had. I do remember that they were all pleased with their meals. Our waiter was wonderful, but "fullybelly" is right about the host/wife. She wasn't pleasant and did act as though she was doing us a favor by seating us. The wait was also long, about 30 minutes, and I don't think they take reservations. One other note: we were celebrating friend's new U.S. citizenship and we wanted to bring a special bottle of champagne. They resturant wouldn't allow it. We did offer to pay a corkage fee and the answer was still no. Good food, spotty service by some staff memebers who should know better.

          1. Thanks for that info! We called, and no, they don't reservations (unless for a party of 6 or more). We're going before a concert, though, so hopefully we won't have a wait. FWIW, here in most of Boston restaurants can't allow you to BYOB, for various reasons.