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Sep 9, 2006 10:05 PM

ISO good lunch near Costco on Vernon Blvd.

I make a weekly trip to Costco on Vernon Blvd. in Queens and am looking for a good place for lunch nearby. Chinese, Greek, even GOOD diner-ish food. Any ideas?

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    1. hmm, nice to see roti boti mentioned. it's at 21st street (east side) between 27th avenue and astoria blvd, near the stop light. it's a steamtable indopak place, so not everything is available all the time; what they do well is really good. everything is greasy and spicy, so you have to like that style. i like:

      chicken w/spinach
      lamb skewers (best thing if you don't mind GREASY)
      fried rice

      and there's absolutely NO atmosphere. blaaaaaah.

      they are right around the corner from me!

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      1. re: babar ganesh

        I also like the chicken skewers, excellent both on (the best!) and off the bone.

      2. Malagueta, an outstanding Brazilian place on 36th Avenue, has great food in a pleasant atmosphere. It's only a 5 minute drive from Costco. For once, Citysearch has it right: