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Sep 9, 2006 09:27 PM

yes, we have no tamales

Another poster alerted us to a tamale festival in Whittier this weekend. It was supposed to have begun yesterday and continue through tomorrow.

I just drove over there and the park it was scheduled to be held in is empty.

Don't know if it got moved, but the phone number connected to the event is someone's personal voicemail and has no info.

Anyhow, save yourselves the drive. :(

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  1. Just googled this:

    had a map to Salazar park...they say 60k bodies expected. Ill have to swing by.

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    1. re: wilp

      hey, wilp, what's the verdict? Is this festival a mirage?

      See original thread for possible change of date/venue:

      1. re: DiveFan

        Sounds like it was cancelled. I wish they would have published it was cancelled. From 40k people last year to being cancelled this year ????

    2. The site of the tamale festival this weekend was closed.

      The actual one is in November but it never hurts to call in advance.