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Sep 9, 2006 08:30 PM

Incredible omakase/tasting menu at Mako

I have never tried the tasting menu here, but since I was on a date with a guy who is a foodie from San Francisco, I thought Mako would impress him, and he became a fan by the second course (the cripsy oysters--which I've had every time I've been there and am always wowed myself).

Unfortunately, I didn't write anything down, but I think I can remember what we had. I had a nice prosecco by the way, but friend doesn't drink, so have nothing else to say in that department, since I drink very little myself.

I'm not very good at giving details, so you'll have to forgive how sketchy this is--also I'm reconstructing from memory 2 days later; wrote nothing down.

First course--a very light cup of cold sweet pea soup--very light and refreshing.

Second: the justly famed crispy fried oysters (always only 2, but always divine).

Third course--a large plate of mixed varieties of tuna sashimi, one of them seared--with assorted greens including radicchio and chiso leaf. Just superb.

Fourth: Our requested soft shell crabs. Lovely Japanese style sauce but can't remember details. Nicely done.

Fifth: Angel hair pasta with thinly sliced shiitake and misutake mushrooms. Probably the least memorable dish, but very delicate in flavor.

Sixth: Black cod (sound of fingers being kissed by my lips)---so good. Available on the regular menu (as are the crispy oysters).

Seventh: Kobe beef! This is the real thing, Mako told us when he came to the table--imported from Japan. I have never had it before. By this time we were extremely full so I don't think we enjoyed it as we might have. The portions were quite small and done in a sort of sushi-like preparation, small piece of steak encircled with green vegetable. It was interesting to try but tastewise, actually not worth the $25 premium.

Eighth and last: A huge dessert sampler in a four-part serving dish: one-quarter butterscotch pudding, one quarter little chocolate chip cookies (I was too full to try these), one quarter old fashioned crust American type apple pie, and one quarter Fosselman's sorbet sampler--mango/raspberry/lychee. The best sorbet anywhere as far as I'm concerned.

I don't know exactly but I'm pretty sure the total was well under $200 and this was a lot of food--the portions are perfectly sized in my opinion.

If you haven't tried Mako, you truly are missing out! Wonderful professional service without the slightest hint of attitude and even tho' the place is a bit noisy because of it's small size, we were able to talk quite easily even tho' the place was 70% full.

This place never fails in my opinion.

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  1. One of our favorite Places. The food is always consistant and the price is around 65-ea for what you just had , plus drinks.
    Overall a Great Deal! My favorite Menu items are the Peking Duck and Hoisin Rack of Lamb.

    1. I'm going next week for a friend's birthday. I don't think others are down for the tasting menu so I was wondering what are about 3 dishes I have to get if going a la carte? Include dessert as well. Thanks.

      1. I went there a week ago but didn't get the tasting menu. Some things I really liked and others I thought were so-so. I would lean towards going back to try a tasting menu though. Here's my review with pictures:


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          I had lunch at MAKO Thursday and asked to see the tasting menu. The server told me that they don't have a tasting menu per se, but everything on their menu can be served family style and are easily put together in multiple courses.

        2. Try Mako in Weller Court and save money. Lots.

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            It is my impression that Mako in Weller Court is a sushi bar (have not been). Mako in Beverly Hills is Asian fusion--he doesn't really do sushi at all (sashimi yes). The chef is Japanese--hence the tasting menu is called omakase.