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Sep 9, 2006 08:25 PM

St Paul Side Dim Sum - Any Places?

I'm interested in finding out from folks if they know of any remaining dim sum places on the east side of the metro. There used to be two - Bui's and My le Hoa - but I don't think that they do dim sum any more....

I hear that Bui's Asian Cuisine on Univeresity Ave has closed for dim sum for sure - not sure if the entire restaurant has gone. My le Hoa in Little Canada has turned in to a "Chinese buffet" restaurant after the former owners sold the place.

Any other dim sum places that are around on the east side of Saint Paul that people know about?

(went to Jun Bo this morning for dim sum - good variety of dim sum but too many of the fried items were cold)

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  1. It seems that Mai Village will be picking up where Bui left off...check out this thread. If you end up eating there, definitely report back!