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Sep 9, 2006 08:00 PM

Chinese delivery in Braintree area?

Here's a question for you South Shore types. I've been working in the Quincy Center and Braintree areas for a few years. I've noticed that at least at the beginning, most of the Chinese population would head into Chinatown if they were looking for great Chinese food, but I gather that's no longer necessarily the case these days. Unfortunately, I'm limited to Red Line access -- I don't have a car and both places where I work are right near the Quincy Center and Braintree T stops.

So: anybody have any recommendations for above-average Chinese places that would be willing to deliver lunch to Braintree (Grossman Drive near the Hilltop Steak House, Borders &c and the MBTA stop)? Quincy Center stop is less of an issue -- Five Spices is in my building and is serviceable and easy to get to.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Hi,

    There's a decent Chinese takeout place on Washington St. near Elm St., in Braintree called Braintree Jade. Their food is good, and I think they deliver.

    The Peking Kitchen in Weymouth Landing (on 53, just past the intersection with Union St., next door to El Sarape) is also pretty decent, and I think they deliver as well.

    1. There is also Pan Asia which is on 53. I get food from here all of the time but I'm not sure about their delivery area.

      If you are interested, Cafe Asiana offers good Thai in Braintree Square. I couldn't find a menu online.

      1. Hi-

        Try Great Chow on Beale Street in Quincy--for "American" Chinese: Spare Ribs, Peking Ravioli, Scallion Pancakes, Yu hsiang Eggplant (sp?), General Gao, etc. it's the best!

        Very fresh and flavorful ingredients.

        I know they deliver and they're near the Wollaston T stop, too.