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Sep 9, 2006 07:21 PM

best hole-in-the-wall takeout in TO

What are the best, non-chain, hole-in-the-wall take out joints across Toronto? I mean places with no (or few) tables that do the bulk of their business in takeout.

I like...

-the churrasco chicken place on the south side of College between Beatrice and Montrose (though there's one guy in there whose is incredibly rude)
-Burrito Boyz on Peter St
-Black Camel on Crescent Rd (pulled pork)
-Cake Master on Cumberland
-Albert's Real Jamaican on St Clair West (goat!)

I've heard good things about Penrose Fish & Chips, Groucho's Gourmet Burgers, but have not been. Any others that are amazing....?

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    1. re: Pape foodie

      I ate there a couple of years ago after reading a positive review and found the fish just too greasy. I much prefer Reliable, for fish & chips.

    2. Fish & Chips: British Style Fish & Chips (Coxwell/Dundas E.) HANDS DOWN THE BEST IN TOWN!

      Burgers: Johnny's Hamburgers (Victoria Park/Sheppard)

      Tex/Mex/etc: Tacos El Asador (Bloor/Christie)

      Pizza: Bitondo's, Colombos (Danforth/Coxwell)

      Lunch Sandwiches: Sandwich Box (Queen St.)

      Bagels/Dairy Lunch: Bagel World, Haymishe Bagel, Bagel Plus

      Vegetarian/Dairy/Falafel: Tov-Li, Me Va Me Takeout(Steeles between Yonge and Bathurst),

      Roti: Bacchus Roti and lots of others - a matter of opinion on depending on the style you prefer

      These are just off the top of my head...

      1. It may be a humble chop suey joint, but I love Peking Express on Parliament just south of Shuter. Take-out & delivery only.

        1. Gandhi (Queen & Bathurst)
          - great rotis

          Ghazale (Bloor & Bathurst)
          - fantastic falafels and shawarma

          Akram's (Kensington Market)
          - fantastic falafels and shawarma

          Banh Mi shops (Spadina & Dundas)
          - great for takeaway banh mi, as well as other prepared vietnamese dishes

          1. Ghazale for falafel, shawarma, giant zesty lima beans and other saucy veg delights. On Bloor east of Bathurst, under the Bloor Cinema marquee.

            Hodo Kwaja (green sign) for Korean walnut/almond cake and pancakes. On the north side of Bloor, about midway between Bathurst and Christie.

            Kom Jug Yuen for char sui/Chinese BBQ pork. Also for large-portion, mild-flavoured noodle and rice takeout to hit that comfort food zone. On the east side of Spadina, south of Grossman's.